7 Secrets How to Become Rich

Become RichAsk most personal finance experts and they’ll tell you the secret to becoming rich is no secret at all: Work hard, live below your means and save every time. The nation’s One Percenters, however, might disagree.

There’s no shame in a modest lifestyle — even Warren Buffett lives frugally. But if your goal is to get rich, it’s helpful to know these seven secrets the ultra-wealthy aren’t likely to share.

1. Salary isn’t the whole story

Climbing the corporate ladder will only get you so far; at some point, you reach your earning potential and plateau. The rich know that in order to grow wealth, it’s important to make your money work hard for you — not the other way around. In fact, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the No. 1 best-selling personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” built his entire money philosophy around this concept.

Generating income from passive, rather than active, income sources is the best way to do this. Investments that yield passive income include dividend-paying securities, rental properties, profits from a business you do not directly manage on a daily basis — even royalties on creative work or inventions.

2. Take advantage of time, not timing

If the recent Dow Jones crash proves anything, it’s that no one can predict what the market will do tomorrow. The wealthy know this and make no attempt to moonlight as day traders.

“Time is more important to investment success than timing,” explained Peter Lazaroff, a certified financial planner who manages portfolios upwards of $10 million for Plancorp, LLC. “Most of the population believes that timing the market’s moves is the key to growing rich through the stock market. The wealthy, however, understand that time and compound returns are the most important factor in growing wealth.”

Though it might seem counterintuitive, getting rich requires investors to adopt an unsexy buy-and-hold strategy, ride out market fluctuations and ignore speculation.

3. Put it in writing

The difference between having an idea and putting it on paper is often what separates the uber-successful from average folks. And if you equate success with wealth, it might be time to start writing down your goals, both large and small, in order to become rich.

Thomas Corley, author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals,” noted that 67 percent of the wealthy people he surveyed wrote down their goals, while 81 percent kept a to-do list. If your goal is to become a multimillionaire, write it down along with an action plan for making it happen.

4. Understand value over cost

According to Justin J. Kumar, senior portfolio manager at Arlington Capital Management, “The wealthy person has three best friends: her attorney, her accountant and her advisor. The wealthy tend to use the law and tax code to their advantage when figuring out how to maximize their wealth, especially over multiple generations, and they are not afraid to spend money up front for counsel to get these answers.”

Kumar explained it’s common for middle-income Americans to cut corners in order to save money, yet ultimately find the results lacking. “The wealthy look at value over cost, but they are still prudent in their decisions,” he said.

5. Eat out less

People who are concerned with saving money often skip the daily latte. The rich enjoy small splurges such as Starbucks whenever they want and instead look at saving from a bigger picture.

Author Paul Sullivan and colleague Brad Klontz, a clinical psychologist with an academic appointment at Kansas State University, conducted research on the difference in spending habits of the 1 percent and the 5 percent. The 1 percent spent 30 percent less on eating out and saved it for retirement instead. “And that, more than the cost of a Starbuck’s latte, is what, over time, separates the wealthy from everyone else on the wrong side of the thin green line,” Sullivan wrote in Fortune.

6. Be your own boss

Employees work to make their bosses rich. If you’re aiming for true wealth, consider starting your own business. According to Forbes, nearly all of the 1,426 people on its list of billionaires made their fortunes through a business they or a family member had a hand in creating.

“Many middle class workers think that starting a business is too risky,” noted Robert Wilson, a financial advisor and frequent contributor to CNN, NBC and CBS. “The wealthy understand that what’s risky is allowing your time and earnings to be dictated by a boss who couldn’t care less about whether you get what you want for your life.”

7. Use other people’s money

To the average person, “it takes money to make money” might sound like a tired cliche used to justify irrational spending. For the rich, it’s a golden rule of wealth.

The key is leveraging other people’s money to increase your own wealth.

“Trading time for dollars is a losers’ game, especially as technology destroys many jobs that don’t require a highly skilled human being,” said Wilson. “Using money from banks/investors and hiring people to work for you is a time-tested formula for building wealth, not to mention the tax laws, which heavily favor businesses.”

Whether you’re fundraising to start a business or flipping real estate for a profit, relying on other people’s money to do the heavy lifting greatly increases the return. Of course, it’s also riskier than relying on your own funds. But if you follow the sage words of the great Warren Buffett, consider that “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

What’s Wrong with China’s Slowing Economy?

Chinese EconomyShanghai (AFP) – Asian stocks nosedived on Monday, led by sharp falls in Shanghai as concerns mount over the health of China’s economy — the world’s second largest.

Although Chinese growth, a major engine of global expansion, has been slowing for some time, financial markets have nevertheless tumbled over fears it will decelerate faster than expected.

Here are a series of answers to key questions on the Chinese stock market and the wider economy:

– What has China done to try to stop shares falling?

China’s stock market enjoyed a spectacular rally until mid-June when it suffered an even more dramatic decline, slumping more than 30 percent over a three-week period.

Authorities rolled out a range of measures designed to restore confidence but they had only a short term impact.

The rescue package included “big” investors being barred from selling their stakes, curbs on margin trading, and restrictions on short-selling – when investors bet prices will go lower. The state backed China Securities Finance Corp also stepped in to buy stocks on behalf of the government.

In the latest measure that failed to impress, authorities at the weekend said the state pension fund would be allowed to invest 30 percent of its total assets — a trove state media says amounts to $550 billion — in shares.

Beijing has also cut interest rates and issued a shock devaluation of its currency of nearly two percent on August 11, causing the Yuan to tumble almost five percent over that week. The move will give exporters a boost but also raised fears that China is doing worse than had been thought.

– Where next for China’s stock market and currency?

Monday’s falls take the Shanghai stock market below its level on July 8, when Beijing stepped in. It is also below its closing level on December 31 last year, meaning it has wiped out all its 2015 gains.

Analysts say shares are likely to go lower still as the plunge in global bourses is blowing back on China in what is effectively a vicious circle.

The Yuan is widely expected to weaken further against the US dollar, although the central bank is likely to intervene to prevent steep slides.

Japanese bank Nomura expects the currency, currently around 6.4 Yuan to the dollar, to depreciate further to 6.6 by the end of the year.

– Why are financial markets so gloomy about the Chinese economy?

China’s economy expanded 7.4 percent last year, its weakest since 1990, and growth has slowed further this year, measuring 7.0 percent in each of the first two quarters.

It is a far faster growth rate than most other major countries, but the Yuan move raised suspicions that the state of the economy is worse than officials have revealed.

After three decades of breakneck development, Beijing is trying to pull off a tricky rebalancing of the economy to make growth more consumer-driven and sustainable, but also making sure it does not slow so much that employment growth is severely affected.

Missteps along the way, including allegations it is wasting its reserves on fruitless attempts to support the stock market, also raised doubts over its economic stewardship.

China’s second quarter gross domestic product (GDP) figure exactly met the government’s full-year target of “around” seven percent, leading some analysts to question the announcement, which came after several weak indicators. China has long faced accusations that the government massages economic figures during times of slowdown.

– Why is slowing growth a problem internationally?

With Europe’s economy weak and the US preparing to raise interest rates, the world has looked to China’s to keep its finances humming and the realization it can no longer be relied on has caused panic.

As the world’s biggest trader in goods, China’s thirst for raw materials fuels resource sectors around the world, and countries that rely on its appetite have already felt the effects, such as Australia, whose mining boom has ended as demand for iron ore dries up.

With more than 1.3 billion potential consumers, China is also a huge market for manufactured goods, and any weakness in demand would be keenly felt by producers, including the many multinationals which have operations in the country.

The shock devaluation of the Yuan has hit other emerging market economies, from Turkey to Brazil, whose exports are now comparatively more expensive, and there are fears of a round of copycat depreciations that could see a “currency war” break out.

Many countries are concerned that their exports will now be undercut by China, particularly in sectors that directly compete with it, for example high-tech exporters in South Korea and Taiwan.

Chinese consumers, who account for more than 30 percent of worldwide luxury spending, will have less purchasing power and there could also be implications for tourism industries that have come to rely on big-spending Chinese visitors.

– Why is slowing growth such a problem domestically?

China’s ruling Communist Party is under pressure to deliver improved living standards, lifting more people out of poverty and satisfying the growing middle class, in exchange for acceptance of its rule.

The government needs to maintain a minimum level of economic growth, which some analysts put at seven percent, in order to create jobs for millions of people and prevent social unrest.

The turmoil on the stock market also threatens to cause painful losses for tens of millions of “mom and pop” investors, the main force in China’s markets who trade on rumor and speculation and who were ill-prepared for a market bust.

– Is the panic justified?

Analysts are mixed on the question. The latest scare came last Friday when a survey indicated that manufacturing activity was at its lowest for more than six years.

“The multi-year low in the PMI (purchasing managers’ index) confirms that the economy is still not on a solid footing and (we) look for a flat growth profile in H2, with continued downside risks,” Barclays Bank said in a research note.

But others said China can still deploy further interest rate cuts and spending measures.

“We continue to believe that sentiment is currently overly downbeat and that policy support will limit the downside risk to economic activity over the course of the next couple of quarters,” Capital Economics said.

Another risk is that market interventions could derail economic reforms and cause the government to fall back on pump-priming instead of pursuing its long-touted aim of shifting to domestic consumption as the driver of more sustainable growth.

8 Secrets of a Hiring Manager

Hiring ManagerGetting a job isn’t just about having strong qualifications. It’s also about being someone who hiring managers want to hire and work with every day. That means they’re paying attention to how you operate and whether you understand business norms at every stage of the hiring process, from the very first contact.

There are a few things some job candidates do that function as flashing neon signs of weirdness to employers. Here are eight of them:

  1. Sending flowers, candy or other gifts to the hiring manager. Some candidates still think this is a good way to stand out, but there’s probably no faster way to make a hiring manager uncomfortable. If you’re not qualified for the job, sending a gift isn’t going to change that. And if you are qualified for the job, you’ve now made the interviewer uncomfortable by implying that you think your qualifications aren’t enough on their own, but that she might be swayed by some chocolate. It’s tacky and ineffective.
  2. Showing up without an appointment and asking to meet with the hiring manager. There’s a very small number of fields where this can be normal, but in the vast, vast majority of professional fields, it’s just not done. Most hiring managers are busy. They set aside specific blocks of time to interview job candidates — the ones who they’ve decided they want to speak with. If you show up without an invitation, you look like you’re either trying to circumvent that process or like you don’t understand business norms.
  3. Including a line in your cover letter warning employers not to contact you unless they can meet specific conditions. Some candidates think that they’ll save themselves time or show employers that they’re serious if they include a sentence in their cover letter like: “Please do not contact me unless you are serious about hiring a driven, results oriented sales director.” Or: “Please do not contact me unless you can pay a competitive salary and benefits.” Those are reasonable things to want, but statements like those don’t just ward off employers you won’t like — they’ll ward off everyone else, too. It’s just too negative and accusatory.
  4. Applying for jobs from an email account that you share with your spouse. If you want to share an email account with your spouse in your personal life, that’s your call. But for your professional life, you need your own. Employers don’t want to feel like they’re corresponding with two people when they write back to you; they want to speak only with you. And email accounts are free, after all.
  5. Offering to work for free. Sometimes job candidates will offer to work for a week or a month for free, in order to prove themselves. This is a bad idea for two reasons. First, it’s illegal. Minimum wage laws require employers to pay people who do work for them (with some exceptions, like nonprofits). Second, bringing on new employees takes an enormous amount of time and energy for training, among other things. The first weeks are usually a loss for the employer, because they’re investing time in getting you up to speed. Most don’t want to make that kind of investment in anyone other than the best candidate (who they expect to pay).
  6. Reading your answers word for word from notes during an interview. Notes are good, and it’s great to bring them to a job interview. But they’re just there to jog your memory, not to give you a script to read. Reading prepared answers makes it look like you can’t think on your feet — and for all we know, someone else may have written those answers for you. Interviews need to be real conversations, not rigidly rehearsed performances.
  7. Including a photo with your résumé. While there are some countries outside the U.S. where it’s normal and even expected to send a photo when applying for a job, it’s very much not the business convention here, and you’ll look out of touch with business norms if you include one. After all, unless you’re applying for a job as a model or an actor, your photo has no relevance to your ability to do the job.
  8. Saying you’ll do “anything it takes” to get the job. Good employers don’t want you to do that. They don’t want you to want to do that. Remember: An employer isn’t doing you a favor by interviewing or hiring you. You’re having a conversation to try to figure out whether you’d each like to embark upon a business relationship — one that you’d both benefit from. Plus, employers (and other people) respect people who respect themselves. Signal that you’re worthy of their respect.

Alison Green writes the popular Ask a Manager blog, where she dispenses advice on career, job search and management issues. She’s the author of “How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager,” co-author of “Managing to Change the World: The Nonprofit Manager’s Guide to Getting Results” and the former chief of staff of a successful nonprofit organization, where she oversaw day-to-day staff management.

Expect Markets to Fall 20 to 40 Percent

Markets FallMarkets were decimated yesterday but things looked rosier for most of the trading day Tuesday. But what now appears to be a dead cat bounce turned into another day of losses by the time today’s closing bell rang. Marc Faber, creator of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report doesn’t think this is the end. He expects U.S. markets to decline between 20% and 40%– that brings us beyond a correction and into a full on bear market.

It’s not only Chinese markets that have been over hyped, says Farber. “U.S. markets have been massively hyped up over the past few years through the media and corporations that bought back their own shares instead of investing in people and capital.” But the biggest perpetrator of all, according to Farber, is the Federal Reserve.

Farber believes the Fed should have raised rates a long time ago but he doesn’t think it will happen anytime soon. “The Fed is happy to see the stock market down,” he says. He thinks there will be more intervention, more money printing and more government debt. According to Farber ,the Chinese economy isn’t just decelerating, it’s in recession and the Fed will also use that as an excuse. “There’s a decline in car sales, a decline in smart phone sales and a decline in exports,” he says. “I don’t know where any growth could come from at this time.”

Still, Dr. Doom isn’t as gloomy as he could be. He doesn’t believe that the world will experience a global recession like it did in 1997-1998. Economies are not growing, he says, but airports are still full and people are still spending.

The 5 Most Meaningless Jobs in 2015

Meaningless JobsWhat is the meaning of life? The answer depends on who you ask, but given how much time we spend at work, most of us try to find at least some importance in our jobs. A day filled of meaningful work can improve productivity and overall satisfaction. Unfortunately, many people in various industries do not believe they have meaningful jobs.

PayScale, the world’s leading provider of on-demand compensation data and software, recently released its 2015 Most and Least Meaningful Jobs Report. PayScale provides the percentage of workers reporting high job meaning, national median pay, and percentage of workers reporting high job satisfaction for both detailed and major job groupings. The report also finds the least meaningful jobs by asking the question: “Does your job make the world a better place?”

“This data is coming straight from people working in these jobs who are either finding great meaning in their day-to-day work or who, alternatively, believe that their job has a negative impact on the world,” said Lydia Frank, Senior Editorial Director, PayScale. “Millennials, especially, are placing greater emphasis on finding work that has purpose, and we hope this list is a good starting point for some career exploration and research.”

The most meaningful individual job titles belong to Clergy members, where 98% say their jobs make the world a better place. The job categories with the highest meaning include the military (88%), community and social service (85%), and education, training, and library (80%). However, the least meaningful jobs come nowhere close to these levels. Let’s take a look at the five least meaningful jobs in 2015, based on the lowest percentage of workers who believe their jobs make the world a better place.

Fabric and Apparel Patternmakers (tie)

Sewing may be a traditional life skill and a fun hobby, but professional fabric and apparel patternmakers who transform ideas and product concepts into working patterns are tied for having one of the least meaningful jobs in 2015. Only 25% of these workers say their jobs make the world a better place. On a positive note, they have the highest median pay on this list at $52,900.

Pre-press Technician (tie)

If variety is the spice of life, it’s no wonder why these workers have a bland outlook on their job importance. Pre-press technicians work in print shops and factories to ensure that materials are printed flawlessly. Due to challenging and tedious work, only 25% of pre-press technicians say their jobs make the world a better place. Along with a lack of inspiration, they also suffer from a lack of funds. The median pay is $38,300.

Title Examiners, Abstractors, and Searchers (tie)

The world already has too much paperwork. If you decide to make a career of it, you might find yourself wishing for more, even if you enjoy details and searching for facts. Title examiners, abstractors, and searchers find real estate records, examine titles, or summarize pertinent legal or insurance documents or details for a variety of purposes. They also find little meaning in their jobs. Twenty-five percent say they find the job meaningful, tied with pre-press technicians and patternmakers. The median pay is only $32,700.

Gaming Supervisors

Being surrounded by other people’s money, booze, and cigarette smoke fails to boost how gaming supervisors feel about their importance. Only 20% find their jobs to be meaningful, making it the second worst meaningful job. On a positive note, gaming supervisors have a median pay of $46,400, more than double the least meaningful job in 2015.

Parking Lot Attendants

People may love their cars, but that doesn’t mean people paid to park them find meaning in their jobs. In fact, parking lot attendants have the most depressing job meaning statistics on the list, with only 5% of workers saying they make the world a better place. Making matters worse, the median pay is $19,700, the lowest on the list. PayScale offers a first-hand view from one of the site’s users.

“It’s Not Great. The Hours Are Horrible.

Pros: The people at my job are fine, it’s just management that screws everything up.

Cons: The hours, the low pay, no benefits, no discounts, when you try to range your hours they just say no, can’t even try to talk to anyone in charge without getting fired.”

Stocks aren’t Cheap Even after Panic

Stocks PanicHere’s some bad news for those sniffing out a bargain in stocks: even after a horrendous week, the market is still trading at an elevated valuation by historical standards.

The S&P 500 (INDEX: .SPX) slid 5.8 percent in the past week for its worst week since September 2011, taking the large-cap index negative over the past year.

That has some looking to buy. On Friday, Kevin Landis of Firsthand Capital Management said that “all you can do now is try to take advantage of it-take a deep breath, take a look at the lay of the land, and you’re going to be glad you did six months from now.”

Similarly, Bob Doll of Nuveen Asset Management said Friday that “If you’ve been one of these people that’s been on the sideline as many have waiting, waiting, waiting to put some money in-for goodness sake take advantage and put some money in.”

Market in panic mode, correction not over yet: Doll

But there’s a problem with getting into stocks based on the premise that the recent slide is creating an attractive value proposition.

At Friday’s close, the S&P 500 traded at 16.1 times analysts’ estimates of the earnings that companies will report over the next year, according to FactSet. This metric, known as the market’s forward price-to-earnings ratio, has indeed fallen over the past five months. But it is still well above its ten-year average of 16.0.

The backward looking last-twelve-months P/E ratio, which compares current prices to the earnings companies actually reported, is sitting at 17.5. Like the forward P/E ratio, that’s not only above historical averages, but above where it was a year ago, per FactSet.

“That strikes me as high,” commented David Blitzer, chairman of the S&P Dow Jones Index Committee.

“We’re in a situation where the valuation does get worrisome, especially since there have been questions about U.S. earnings,” given concerns around China and the rest of the emerging markets.

“Some kind of a correction was due,” he told CNBC in a phone interview.

The most famous minder of valuations, Robert Shiller, said Friday morning on CNBC that “valuations are high, quite high by historical standards. It’s only been a few other episodes in U.S. history when they’ve been this high.”

Shiller’s reference point for valuations is not the forward P/E ratio, but his “cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio,” which compares current prices to the last ten years of earnings. Thanks in part to the low earnings engendered by the recession, that ratio remains at sharply elevated levels compared to history.

While the Yale professor and Nobel laureate economist noted that it’s impossible hard to make a short-term market call on valuations, he ventured that when it comes to the likely direction of the next move, “I have a general bias towards down, because the market is overpriced.”

Market ‘aftershocks’ are coming: Robert Shiller

“The market’s thinking more about macro as opposed to whether valuations are high or low or whatever,” commented Curtis Holden, senior investment officer at Houston-based Tanglewood Wealth Management. “We certainly haven’t seen enough of a correction yet that you can broadly say stocks are cheap. But even if they were, that wouldn’t assure that they won’t fall further.”

Even some who remain bullish amid the selling, like Louis Abel of Irvine, California-based wealth management firm First Foundation Advisors, say that current valuations are leading them to overweight certain types stocks at the expensive of others.

“The stock market is expensive, but not egregiously overvalued. Valuations don’t suggest that we’re about to fall off of a cliff. But they do lead us to focus on mega-cap high-quality stocks at the expensive of small-caps and momentum-oriented social media and biotech names,” Abel said in a Friday afternoon interview.

So if valuations don’t provide a compelling reason to get in, does Monday threaten to bring further losses?

“I think the relevant phrase is that it’s too late to sell-but certainly too early to buy,” S&P’s Blitzer said. “Sometimes what happens is that after a drop like this is that people worry themselves sick the entire weekend, and then they come in early and they sell.”

The Real Reason Gold Has Been Falling

Gold BullThere is too much bullishness among gold market timers, and that’s why the yellow metal has failed to respond to the macroeconomic factors that otherwise should have caused it to rally.

Imagine being told a month ago how the Greek debt crisis would unfold over the next few weeks. If you knew then that the country would default on its debt, you probably would have forecast that gold would rally. That’s because bullion is a safe haven in times of geopolitical and economic crisis, and Greece’s default threatens the economic stability of the entire Eurozone.

Another reason you’d have been bullish is that gold is an inflation hedge, and it would have been a good bet that, if Greece did default, the European Central Bank would flood the Eurozone with monetary stimulus in an effort to keep the Greek crisis from spreading.

As fate would have it, however, gold has fallen to a three-month low.

Contrarian analysis helps explain why. As I noted in an early June column on the prevailing sentiment among gold timers, the gold market rested “on a shaky sentiment foundation” because there were too many bulls to support a new bull market or even a sustainable rally.

Unfortunately, gold’s short-term prospects are no better today than they were in early June. Consider the average gold timer’s recommended gold exposure level (as represented by the Hulbert Gold Newsletter Sentiment Index, or HGNSI). It currently stands at minus 10%, barely lower than the minus 6.7% that prevailed a month ago.

That is noteworthy, since the normal pattern is for bullishness to rise and fall along with the market itself. Given that bullion is now at a three-month low, you’d expect the HGNSI to also be at or close to its lowest level of the past three months. In fact, however, the HGNSI currently is 23.3 percentage points higher than its three-month low.

This suggests that there is a strong undercurrent of eagerness to believe that gold will soon rally. And that is not a good sign, according to contrarian analysis, since contrarians believe that sustainable rallies begin when pessimism, despair and disbelief are more widespread and stubbornly held.

As always, however, contrarian analysis — to the extent it is a good forecasting model — applies only to the shorter term and therefore tells us nothing about where gold might be trading in several years’ time. So there is nothing necessarily inconsistent about the contrarians’ current skepticism and the gold bugs’ belief that the precious metal will be trading at much higher prices later this decade.

But if the contrarians are right, gold won’t begin its climb to those higher levels for a minimum of several months and very possibly from lower levels.

3 Ways to Invest Money Wisely

Invest MoneyMost people recognize that it’s important to invest their money in order to meet future financial goals, rather than keeping it under the mattress or putting it in a savings account that earns nearly zero interest.

However, the investment world can be an intimidating place for novices, and doing it yourself can be extremely time consuming. On the flip side, professional financial advisors can be prohibitively expensive. That’s why so many people are looking for alternative ways to invest that don’t involve spending a lot of time or money.

With that in mind, here are three sensible ways to invest money without paying for a pricey financial advisor or spending all of your free time managing your investments.

Go simple: A U.S. index fund

If you read the financial press, it seems like risk is everywhere and stock market returns are totally unpredictable. In the short run, that’s true.

But historically, over long periods of time — think decades — the stock market has earned surprisingly consistent returns of about 10% annually. As a result, one of the best ways to invest money if you have a long time horizon is to buy a broad stock market index fund. (If you’re saving for retirement and you’re in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s, this could apply to you.)

Funds such as the SPDR S&P 500 ETF buy up and hold every one of a large group of stocks. As an exchange-traded fund, or ETF, shares can be bought and sold like regular stocks (all you need is a discount brokerage account). Buying shares in the fund allows you to essentially copy the stock market’s returns.

One of the top advantages of this strategy is that it minimizes transaction costs. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF’s annual expense ratio is 0.09%. Essentially, that means that if you invest $10,000, you’re paying just $9 per year for the fund to match the S&P 500 index.

The value of this strategy can be seen from its long-term results. Even if you had the worst possible timing and bought shares when the market peaked in September 2007, you’re now sitting on a 60% total return, including the value of dividends. (If you invested in this ETF exactly 20 years ago, you’ve earned a 450% gain, including dividends.)

Another advantage of ETFs is that you don’t owe capital gains tax on any profit until you sell your shares of the fund. All of these reasons make investing in an ETF index one of the best ways to invest money you know you won’t need for 10-20 years or more.

A little more complex: A target-date fund

If you have shorter-term goals — perhaps you’re close to retirement, or you’re saving to make a down payment on your first house — buying a broad stock market index fund is probably too risky. Remember that while long-term stock returns are consistently positive, big losses are possible in the short run.

As a result, target-date funds have become a popular way to invest money while keeping an appropriate level of risk based on the investor’s time horizon. All you have to do is pick the date that you intend to take the money out, and the fund will rotate the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash in the portfolio to reduce your risk as the target date approaches.

Target-date funds allow investors to sit back and relax over the course of their investing lives, knowing the decisions are being made for them. However, the fees can be high — roughly 1% a year for a $10,000 investment — and both fees and performance can vary greatly between firms for funds with the same target date.

Automated investing services

One of the most intriguing ways to invest money without spending a lot of time or money is a relatively new option: automated investing services.

Services such as Betterment are much like target-date funds in that they try to match your holdings with your financial goals and time horizon. However, they tend to have two advantages.

First, automated investing services usually collect a variety of information about you before allocating your money. By contrast, the only information a target-date fund collects is the date on which you want to withdraw the money.

Second, automated investing services often have lower fees than target-date funds. For example, Betterment charges just 0.25% annually if you invest $10,000-$100,000, and 0.15% if you invest more than that. (If you invest less than $10,000, the most you’ll pay is $36 per year.) That said, like all ETFs and index funds, the funds that Betterment invests in charge their own — usually modest — fees on top of what Betterment charges.

Nothing’s perfect

There are still no foolproof ways to invest money and guarantee a good result without spending a large amount of time, money, or effort. But there are more ways than ever to give yourself a shot at investing success with just a little time and a little money.

If you have a very long time horizon, then time truly is on your side. By investing in a broad ETF index fund like the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, you can match the stock market’s return with very low transaction costs. Meanwhile, if you need a little more help with managing risk (particularly when you have a shorter time horizon) target-date funds and automated investing services are two great ways to invest money.

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3 Ideas to Increase Income in Smaller Stores

Small StoresWhat a headache! One of the biggest challenges faced by every business no matter what size and no matter what industry is continually increasing sales. Those who decide to open a dollar store are no different. With dollar store costs continually on the increase, there’s a need to continually build sales just to maintain current dollar store profits. But that’s no easy task, especially when you have a smaller store. It isn’t as easy as adding more displays of impulse items in the lobby of your store. Often there isn’t the room to make that type of change. Fortunately there are some simple tweaks that can be made to support higher sales; even in a smaller store. In this article I present 3 powerful ideas to increase dollar store sale levels in your smaller store:

  1. Audit your store for every possible space where added merchandise could be placed. Building sales must become the watchword for your business. That means you may need to eliminate that favorite display with hardly any space to make sales. You may need to cut the size of your checkout area. You may even need to re-arrange the layout of your store. Just remember it does require merchandise to support added sales. Your goal should be to take space that doesn’t generate dollar store sales and turn it into space that does.
  2. Eliminate slow-selling products. When you open a dollar store it is critical that you know what products sell, what products are in-demand, and what products your shoppers need and want. With dollar store costs climbing you simply cannot afford to have your hard earned money tied up in merchandise that sits unsold without contributing to dollar store profits. Replace slow sellers with the hot, in-demand merchandise that will build sales and dollar store profits for your business.
  3. Always keep the shelves fully stocked. A fully stocked store will help build sales in 2 ways. First, there is the impression of a successful store that having the shelves fully-stock gives to everyone who visits your store. Second are the actual sales you will see since a fully stocked store is more likely to have more of the items shoppers seek in stock. Keeping the shelves filled with the very merchandise your shoppers need and want reduces the odds of a customer coming into your store and leaving empty-handed because you’ve run out of a hot seller.

Having a smaller store that is less than fully stocked is a formula for failure when you open a dollar store. While there are dollar store costs associated with the added merchandise, this is a step that is required to grow your sales. Follow these ideas to maximize your dollar store sales. Your dollar store profits will soon follow.

The 5 Wealthiest People in Mexico

German Larrea Mota VelascoYou probably already know that Carlos Slim is the wealthiest person in Mexico, and by a wide margin. However, you likely don’t know the other four people on this list and how they managed to get there. Some of them made wise business decisions. Others were in the right place in the right time. Currently, four of them are suffering declines in their net worth. Why is this happening? And why is one of these moguls seeing their net worth consistently increase? Let’s find out.

Carlos Slim

Net Worth: $71.2 billion (was $74 billion in 2012)
Net Worth Mexico Rank: 1
Net Worth Global Rank: 3 (after Bill Gates and Warren Buffet)
Fortune Made: Telecommunications, mining, real estate

Carlos Slim owns America Movil (AMX), which has telecom operations in 18 countries. Not long ago, America Movil had an 80% share of the landline market and a 70% share of the mobile market in Mexico, but new Mexican laws stated that no company can own more than a 50% share of either market. Last year, Slim sold some assets to meet these requirements. Fortunately for Slim, he has exposure to 18 countries. Therefore, it wasn’t a major hit.

Despite losing some money over the past few years, it’s a miniscule loss compared to what other Mexican billionaires have suffered over the same time frame.

German Larrea Mota Velasco

Net Worth: $12.8 billion (was $16.7 billion in 2012)
Net Worth Mexico Rank: 2
Net Worth Global Rank: 80
Fortune Made: Mining

German Larrea Mote Velasco owns a majority stake in Grupo México S.A.B. de C.V. (GMEXICOB.MX) — the largest mining and infrastructure company in the country. Unfortunately, when global economic growth is slow, copper prices fall. This has led to lower share prices for Grupo México. At the time of this writing, the stock is down 13% over the past two years. That is far from terrible, but it’s still a negative.

In addition to mining assets, Grupo México owns two railroads and a 30% stake in Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico. Therefore, transports also play a role.

Alberto Bailleres

Net Worth: $9.9 billion (was $16.5 billion in 2012)
Net Worth Mexico Rank: 3
Net Worth Global Rank: 122
Fortune Made: Mining

Alberto Baillères owns Peñoles, the second-largest mining company in Mexico. He has seen his fortune fade due to lower metal prices, which relates to slower growth in Mexico. He also owns El Palacio de Hierro, an upscale chain of department stores, as well as a stake in Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V. (FEMSA) (FMX). With slower economic growth, the consumer has become more hesitant to spend, and new taxes on soft drinks haven’t helped, either.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego

Net Worth: $7.8 billion (was $9.9 billion in 2012)
Net Worth Mexico Rank: 4
Net Worth Global Rank: 162
Fortune Made: Retail, media

Ricardo Salinas Pliego owns Grupo Salinas and Grupo Elektra, with holdings in television, telecommunications, retail and banking. Lately, reluctant Mexican consumers have meant lower sales and fewer loans. These are the biggest reasons for the recent decline in Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s net worth.

Eva Gonda de Rivera

Net Worth: $6.8 billion (was $6.5 billion in 2012)
Net Worth Mexico Rank: 5
Net Worth Global Rank: 195
Fortune Made: Inherited FEMSA stake

When Eugenio Garza Lagüera passed away, he left a 27% FEMSA stake to his wife and four daughters. One of those daughters is also married to the ceo of FEMSA.

FEMSA’s Coca-Cola bottling division has been expanding its growth across Latin America via acquisitions. FEMSA’s Oxxo convenience stores have also expanded; there are now more than 11,000 locations across Latin America.

The Bottom Line

While some of the above billionaires are seeing declines in their net worth, none of them need to worry too much. It will be interesting to see if Eva Gonda de Rivera can continue to increase her net worth and climb to the #4 spot, or perhaps even the #3 spot, on this list. However, one thing is for sure: Nobody is catching Carlos Slim.

The Benefits of a Small Business Network

Business NetworkThere are some tremendous benefits associated with small business network solutions offered by Cisco. Your company can keep employees staying productive whether at the office or while traveling having a flexible and secure network platform. Any business can become more agile, improve network security, reduce expenses, and boost customer service having a properly implemented small business network solution a small business network is not only about making contacts and exchanging business card printing at trade events. In the present global economy, a small business network is all about lowering your operating costs. It comes down to reacting rapidly to evolving markets and client needs. It’s about being prepared money for hard times. A small business network starts off with a reliable and secure data network platform that’s fast and accessible. Listed below are seven benefits that the small business network can offer your business:

  1. Work Remotely A runs on the host of technologies for example virtual private networks (VPNs) that enable mobile employees and teleworkers to work securely in your own home, on the highway, or at customers’ offices. They’ve got full, secure, remote usage of your phone system, data network, customer database, and every other tools they should be productive. It’s much like they’re in the office.
  2. Customer Information That is Accessible 24/7 Having a secure , it is possible to input, update, and view information regarding customers in the database. You can access that database utilizing a computer, phone, or handheld device. Having constant, secure usage of customer information helps workers better serve customers. And satisfied customers often result in increased revenues.
  3. Be Prepared for the near future Designing a secure, flexible enables you to easily, cost-effectively add new applications, for example voice and video, if needed. Your small business will be better positioned to keep ahead of competitors and provide new services to customers, each of which help your organization grow. Adding voice and wireless to your secure provides additional benefits.
  4. Network Management That Is Streamlined Merging voice, data, as well as other applications using one network simplifies network set up and management. Plus a single network needs significantly less physical size, which will help maximize expensive office space.
  5. Communicate More efficiently A secure voice and data network foundation lets you check email, voicemail, and faxes from one inbox. A single contact number will ring simultaneously on several devices, stopping callers from landing in voicemail. Employees can take impromptu meetings online with colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers. With enhanced communications, your company can quicker expand globally.
  6. Keep costs down Consolidating all your communications onto just one network saves companies typically 46% in network costs, according to general market trends firm IDC.
  7. Make use of your Phone being a Computer-and Your personal computer being a Phone Having one secure network for voice, data, and wireless can provide your business benefits difficult before. The workers can roam the sales floor, warehouse, office, or campus with their phones, so they’re never away from touch. They can use their wireless phones to look up customer data, access the business directory, get stock quotes, and perform other tasks. When traveling, employees are able to use laptops to produce and receive calls utilizing your company’s full phone system-just while they would when they were in the office.

5 Disadvantages of Not Having Life Insurance

Life InsuranceNot everyone believes in life insurance, since others think its main aim is to make money from you. Of course insurance is a business, but its business is taking care of you while you are here and your family after your death. Therefore, if you are not yet insured, here are some challenges you may face along the way.

High Unforeseen Costs

The whole purpose of life insurance is to assist you financially. In life, anything can happen to you the minute you step outside your front door without a warning. Most of us are aware that expenses always pop up when you do not have extra money. You can imagine not even being able to pay your hospital bills! Spare yourself the embarrassment of having to borrow money anytime something goes wrong.

Lack of Peace of Mind

Without life insurance, you always worry and live a life with limitations even for your dependents. Life insurance gives you one reason not to worry. Having dependents makes you always alert and guarded of what happens to them. Even after you die, it ensures that your loved ones are well taken care of financially; they continue with their education, maintain the current lifestyle and just cater for daily expenses.

Loss of Assets

Majority of you have debts or loans that are secured by some of your assets. That is good for you, if you are insured. Otherwise, after your demise, there is a high possibility that the debt collectors will be visiting you residence soon. This means all the investment you had (assets) will be owned by these companies, until the outstanding balances are cleared.

Can be a Burden to Loved Ones

Your loved ones deserve peace of mind as well. Without insurance, you risk burdening them financially. This could be hospital bills, mortgage bills, funeral expenses, school fees etc. which they them-selves had not planned for. Just when they think they are done with one sad event, they receive numerous phone calls from the banks, bills, and even personal visits to talk about your debts for years. All this can be avoided by getting insured.

Lose Investing your Money

It will come a time when you will age and retire. Not everyone plans for his or her future and instead of choosing the best life insurance policies; you prefer having a savings account that you probably withdraw every now and then to cater for your luxurious life. The result is regrets of not investing while you had the chance. Moreover, financial institutions are likely to decline your loan application, because you do not have enough proof that you have a source of revenue.

Handicapping Apple’s Earnings

Apple Unveils iPhone 6This one of those “big, but how big?” quarters.

Apple told Wall Street to expect total sales somewhere in the range of $63.5 to $66.5 billion — representing, at the midpoint, 15% growth from fiscal Q1 last year.

Analysts aren’t buying it. They saw the lines for the new iPhones. They’ve seen IDC’s Mac numbers. They know iPad sales haven’t totally died. They watched Apple shift production to meet demand for the larger — and higher margin — iPhone 6 Plus.

They’re expecting a big quarter.

The consensus among the analysts Fortune polled — 20 professionals and 15 amateurs — is that Apple’s total sales for fiscal Q1 2015 will come in at about $68.3 billion, up 21% year over year.

The Street is betting that Apple was lowballing in October when it offered that $63.5 to $66.5 billion guidance.

It won’t be an insane beat, like the old days. But investors are expecting a beat, and they’ve bid up the stock accordingly to within 6% of its all-time high.

Whether it goes up or down from there depends — at least in theory — on how big last quarter was and what kind of guidance Apple gives for the one that ends in March.

We’ll get that guidance Tuesday. Tune in after the markets close

Saving the Earth through Quality Recycling Services

Recycling ServicesRecycling services can be used for a wide range of different needs and processes. Full service solutions for managing your various disparate forms of waste are often needed by individuals and businesses alike, from manufacturing to agriculture, and retail stores. When you use an expert service, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re disposing of your waste in the most environmentally friendly manner. Rather, your professional can advise you in coming up with an appropriate plan that will ensure your company’s waste is recycled to the best possible extent, meaning that your business will operate in more sustainable manner.

Recycling services deal with various types of waste

Perhaps one of the biggest areas in need of recycling assistance when it comes to dealing with companies, is commercially sensitive documents that need to be shredded before recycling. These will require confidential handling from experts that deal with recycling data storage devices and documents. Choosing to work with the right recycling service will ensure that your waste is not only disposed of properly, but safely too.

You may be surprised to learn of just how much paper goes to waste every month as a result of numerous businesses. With an expert recycling service, you can discover how to best handle your waste cardboard, paper and other related materials. Often, these products are recycled and re-used for their fiber content.

Similarly, sites that specialize in demolition and construction often contribute heavily to landfills, however, an expert service can determine which fractions of the enormous amounts of waste created can be transported to other places, so that they may be used again. Your service can decide how to best handle any leftover plastic, stone, metal, or wood for the benefit of your company and the environment.

What to Consider

There are a number of important things to think about when you are pondering the benefits of a recycling service. If you are just starting to acknowledge the importance of recycling, then you should make sure that you educate yourself as much as possible about the recycling guidelines in your area. What’s more, you should also try to determine what you want from a recycling service. For example, are your needs commercial or domestic? Do you know what kind of techniques you would like to be used, or whether you’d have to train your staff to deal with recycling more appropriately? Often, there are a number of recycling tactics that you can utilize yourself, alongside the recommendations an expert may suggest.

Don’t be afraid to ask some questions and learn as much as you can about the recycling services in your area before you decide what could be right for you. Sometimes, it’s not about going for the cheapest service, but finding the one that is most suited to meet your specific needs. Wherever you go, a recycling service will help you to do more for the environment, and improve the image of your business.

How to integrate corporate social responsibility into your business

Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate social responsibility, or CSR, refers to the concept of operating a business in a manner that considers the impact the business is having on a social and environmental level. Integrating CSR into your business operations can have a profound effect on your company and those around you. First, let’s explore a more detailed look at what CSR seeks to accomplish, and then we will explore strategies that you can use to implement CSR at your company.

Improve the lives of workers and communities


There are many ways that a company can contribute to the improvement of their communities and workers. You could consider giving to charities that do work in the community, giving employees something extra during the holidays, providing better break rooms and areas to gather, or sponsoring local children’s sports teams. Volunteer events can also be a great opportunity to improve the community around you. A trash pickup day or park improvement project can bring employees together for the greater good of where they work and live. The Sukato Tanoto Foundation has used CSR principles to improve the lives of subsistence farmers by offering them educational opportunities that have made their farms more productive and sustainable. The foundation was founded by Sukato Tanoto, chairman and founder of RGE Group, which comprises a variety of resource-based manufacturing sectors. With more than 50,000 employees to consider, Tanoto knows that CSR practices are the best way to make sure that employees are treated well and work under good conditions throughout China, Brazil, and Indonesia.


Education and innovation

CSR encourages education and innovation at a business. Better efficiency is always good for business. Employees need to be trained to correctly implement corporate social responsibility practices. CSR can also involve encouraging employees to think of and discuss innovations; you never know when a talented employee might get an idea that is groundbreaking. Sukato Tanoto might be the founder and head of RGE Group, but he still takes opportunities to further his business education so that he can be a better corporate leader and stay informed and aware of innovations that he might be able to implement throughout his business group.


Essential for resource-based manufacturing


There has been much attention paid to the limited supply of natural resources in the last decade. A limited supply means higher manufacturing costs. Anything that can be done in a responsible manner to increase efficiency can help to cut these costs. Companies are discovering that better environmental practices often save their companies money over time while projecting a very positive image to customers. Cutting down on the amount of natural resources used reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturers, resulting in healthier employees and communities.


Law or just good business sense?


It has been suggested that CSR should not just be a good business choice, but the actual law, and this is a subject that is still much debated. Regardless of whether it is law or not, CSR practices make good business sense. They can help to reduce costs, improve employee morale, create a better impression in communities that are home to your business enterprises, and help to reduce the impact your industry is having on the environment. India is one of the few countries where CSR has become law. There, it is mandated that corporations give 2% of their profits to charity. The law applies only to corporations that are worth at least $80 million USD or turnover $160 million in business per year. Of course, just because a company is smaller does not mean that they are not choosing to contribute as well. CSR can be fantastic for advertising and marketing. Any good deed can add to the positive image of your company.


Critics of CSR practices


While many businesses wholeheartedly support the idea of CSR practices, there are some that believe a company’s main concern should be keeping key stakeholders happy while obeying the current laws of where they operate, regardless of how much irresponsibility such laws allow to happen. Critics think that making CSR law will cause businesses to relocate to areas where they are no longer under such obligations.


Other critics claim that CSR is too often used to give a good impression that turns out to have a darker element about it. CSR practices can be used to focus the attention of the public on the most positive aspects of a business while drawing attention away from extremely damaging corporate practices. An example of this could be a cigarette company that funds cancer research, or a GMO seed company that provides small grants to organic farmers.


Good CSR practices can lead to more investors


When your company has a good reputation, it will attract investors that otherwise might not have been interested in your firm. This can increase the working capital and help to expand your business enterprises. Just remember that as your business expands, so should the amount of profits that you use to further your CSR goals. To encourage your employees’ sense of teamwork, gather input on what sorts of projects and charities they would like to help as a company.


Responsible business practices


Although some businesses choose to take from areas more than they give, this leads to discontent among employees, and makes some companies and clients far less likely to choose to do business with your firm. Why should they choose your business when they can choose a competitor that has a better corporate image through the utilization of CSR practices? More people than ever are being more careful about the environmental effects that the goods and services they purchase are having on a global scale. Greater environmental education has made this the reality that a business will face in the 21st century. As our global population rises, there will be more pressure to increase efficiency and work more closely with communities so that industry does not lead to decline in the quality of life of the people and environment around them.

Adhesive Binding Or Not? What is Perfect Binding?

Adhesive BindingWhen you pick up a book, you may look at it and think the cover looks excellent or the pages are of good quality but would you think that it had perfect binding? Probably not, unless you work in binding and finishing, to whom the phrase perfect binding, or adhesive binding, is the method in which the book is held together.

Normally, soft paper or paperboard cover is attached over the top of the binding adhesive and a rectangular backbone is commonly used. In fact, this method of making a book is used in around 40% of national magazines, telephone books, catalogues and of course, paperback books.

How to Perfect Bind

To make the perfect binding, there are six units that are utilised. Firstly, the ‘gatherer’. A book that has been printed and folded is gathered in the correct order by a machine called a gathering machine. Any inserts such as advertising or reply cards that have been printed separately are added at this stage. These machines can be rotary or swinging-arm in style. Once everything has been gathered, the book length pile is then referred to as a book block.

The next stage involves a system only used in perfect binding. The signature fold at the spine of the pages is removed and all the pages aligned squarely. The book block is clamped together and the protruding spines are cut off from the signature folds. After this, the spine is roughened in preparation for the adhesive to be applied.

Applying the Adhesive Binding

The next step is done while the book is still clamped together and the book is taken to the gluing station where a wheel pushes the adhesive onto the spine, usually to a thickness of around 0.020 inch. Some systems use a range of different glues to get the proper finish such as a low-viscosity hot melt adhesive to stick the pages together followed by a high-viscosity hot melt adhesive to stick the book block to the cover. Really large books will use a third layer.

Once the adhesive is in place, the cover is put on the book block. The cover is scored by machine in the spot where it folds around the block and it is then pressed into the backbone. Once the cover is in place, the book is sent for trimming.

Finishing the process

The trimmer takes over once the adhesive is cool and can work various jobs from one machine. Some machines can even trim more than one book at a time, mostly with thinner books. The very last step in the process is the counter-stacker, a device that counts out the number of books coming from the finish line and stacks them ready to be shipped to their selling or distribution point.


When it comes to perfect binding equipment, up to 18,000 units an hour can be created meaning that when many copies of a book or catalogue is needed, this is the perfect way to do it. Of course, the perfection of the book only remains until someone gets their hands on it and the inevitable cracking of the spine takes place but by then, you are reading the book so the cover isn’t the most interesting thing!

Five Financial Goals for Your Business in 2015

Five Financial Goals for Your Business in 2015A new year can mean a lot of things, but the most important thing for businesses is to make sure the newyear brings growth. Below are some suggested goals to help kick-start your financialsuccess in 2015.

1. Get Marketing-Smart

This is the era of advertising; it has to be smarter, more competitive, and with a greater reach than ever before. So 2015 is the year that you can take the plunge and change the method of your marketing. Digital marketing can be more targeted, is much cheaper, and you can get accurate reports of your results. Don’t skimp on marketing – just get smarter at it! If you don’t have the funds to invest appropriately in marketing right away, a business lending specialist, such as Short Term Business Loans Australia, can provide you with the means to do so. The best thing about an investment into marketing is that it will often pay for itself and then some.

2. Close Those Old Accounts

Have a client who hasn’t paid you the full amount in two months? Or one who is interested but just won’t sign on the dotted line? These are the accounts that cost your business money. It’s time to work them solidly until you either get a desired result or get some closure and can move on. That way, you can progress through the year with afresh slate and a more solid financial standing.

3. Focus on the New

Customers or clients who continually return are very important. But a business can sometimes start focusing on what it has and forget to look at what it could have. Make 2015 the year of building portfolios. Set yourself a reasonable goal of one new client per week, month, or quarter. If you set yourself a goal, you are more likely to achieve it.

4. Spend Time Working OutHow to Spend Less Time

It’s frustrating knowing there’s a process taking far more time than should really be needed. But, unless it really throws a spanner in the works, it can be tempting to just deal with it. After all, it’s always been that way, right? Wrong. If you take twenty minutes to work out just how much extra time that flawed process is taking, you would be flabbergasted at just how much money it’s costing you each year. Let 2015 be the year that you spend time working on improving processes. This is invested time, not wasted time, and you will save so much more of it in the long run.

5. Really Work Your Budget

Everyone has one: a budget that feels hard, usually gets overblown, and is there to make us feel bad, either at work or at home. But budgets are invaluable. They are the best way of charting your financial status on a regular basis. If you have a monthly budget, break it down to two fortnightly budgets, and set yourself smaller, more frequent goals. That way, you will have more accurate reporting on your projects, and it will be sitting at the forefront of your mind as you work.

Of course, there are plenty of other great financial goals for businesses. What’s your number one business goal for 2015?

5 Things that Can Kill a Tax Refund

Tax RefundFor the average person, a tax refund check can end up being the equivalent of around two paychecks (give or take). This amount of money can serve many purposes for the typical household: it can pay an extra mortgage payment or two, pay off a few credit cards, or it can be enough money to take that much-needed vacation.

But before you go packing your bags or making other plans for your check, you have to make sure you’re entitled to a refund first, and that nothing is standing in your way of receiving a check this tax season.

Although most taxpayers receive a refund, there are some things that can stop that from happening. Here are a few things that can stop you from receiving a refund this tax season.

1. You (or your spouse) defaulted on student loans

Student loans are one of most common reasons that people have their tax refund checks offset. A default generally occurs after a borrower fails to make payments for 270 days, according to the Department of Education. Around 14% of borrowers default on their loans soon after they are scheduled to begin making payments.

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Your joint return can also be intercepted for your spouse’s student loan debt. If only one spouse has a student loan debt (and only one spouse is legally responsible for that debt), you can fill out Form 8379, injured spouse allocation, and request to have only one spouse’s portion of the refund taken, as opposed to the entire refund.

2. You owe child support

According to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, federal refunds have been offset to pay past-due child support since 1982. “Since the program began in 1982 through the beginning of March 2013, more than $35 billion in past-due support was collected from 38 million intercepted tax refunds,” it explains.

As with student loans, if a spouse is not legally responsible for child support, that person may be able to collect his or her portion of the tax return by filling out an injured spouse allocation (From 8379). This, however, depends on individual state laws.

3. You owe an IRS debt

If you were audited by the IRS or you have a debt from a prior tax year for any other reason, the IRS is more than likely going to collect the money you owe to it prior to issuing any refund.

Generally speaking, the more money involved, the higher your risk of audit. That is, a person with a $50,000-per-year income is less likely to be audited than someone earning $1 million per year. In any case, either taxpayer has a chance of being audited.

In some cases, a spouse (or former spouse) may be able to be relieved of the tax debt, interest, and penalties. A tax debt is different from other types of debts, like child support and student loan debts. With a tax debt, the spouse generally would not file for injured spouse relief but for a different type of relief, such as innocent spouse relief or separation of liability.

4. Your income went up (or your tax situation changed)

If you made more money this tax year than you did last year, you may no longer be eligible for certain credits, like earned income tax credit (EITC), which is a refundable tax credit that results in large refunds for millions of taxpayers. According to the IRS, in 2013, more than 27 million taxpayers received a combined total of $65 billion in EITC.

An increase in income may also impact other tax benefits, like the premium tax credit. If you used the premium tax credit to lower the cost of your marketplace health insurance plan, and then your income increased throughout the year, you may even end up owing money because you are not entitled to as much tax credit as you received.

Even if your income didn’t change, your tax situation can change if you adjusted the amount of tax you paid throughout the year. For instance, an employee who adjusted withholding allowances to increase his or her paycheck — and underestimated the amount of tax that person needed to pay — may have to pay that money when it’s time to file.

5. Someone stole your identity

Identity thieves will steal information that can provide them with some sort of financial benefit, and this may include stealing a Social Security number and filing a tax return using that false Social. In the Tampa Bay Times, one taxpayer discussed her experience with this situation, and she didn’t receive her refund until nearly six months after she initially filed.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, “The IRS identified more than 2.9 million incidents of identity theft in 2013 and has described identity theft as the No. 1 tax scam for 2014.”

The IRS has identity theft-related notices that it issues, such as these:

CP01:”We received the information that you provided and have verified your claim of identity theft. We have placed an identity theft indicator on your account.”What do you think?CP01A: “This notice tells you about the Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) we sent you.”What do you think?CP01S: “We received your Form 14039 or similar statement for your identity theft claim. We’ll contact you when we finish processing your case or if we need additional information.”What do you think?

If you think someone has stolen your identity, the IRS suggests you contact your local police, file a complaint with the FTC, place a fraud alert on your credit report, contact your creditors, and close any fraudulent accounts. Also, respond to any IRS notices, submit IRS Form 14039, “Identity Theft Affidavit,” and continue to send in your tax return (even if you send in a paper return).

How Slurry Trenching can help to Prevent Environmental Hazards

Slurry TrenchingDuring a construction process, or development, allowing for soil to be contaminated or groundwater to build can be enough to result in disastrous conclusions. One of the primary efforts that can be effectively utilized as a way of impeding the environmental containment spread in the affected groundwater and soil, is slurry trenching. By creating a formidable mix of sturdy materials, slurry trenching can increase construction safety.

Typically, the trench is installed in a deeply excavated trench all the way to bedrock, nestled within a pre-established keyway. This keyway is cut into the bedrock to ensure that there is a locking bond between the bedrock itself, and the wall being constructed. It also ensures that there is no seepage from the controlled or contaminated area. Without the use of slurry trenching, the complete remediation of contaminated areas can be quite costly and time-consuming, making trenching a valuable option.

The use of Composite Mixes

Sometimes, depending on the specific requirements a certain wall has, environmentally safe polymers can be placed into the mix to serve chemical resistivity filtering or strength factors that do not take place with conventional mixes. When these variations are used, the product is usually referred to as a composite mix. There are a number of different materials that can be added to a mix to accomplish certain goals, however it is necessary for a civil engineer to specify the results needed to get the right mix.

Backfill and soil stabilization

The use of slurry trenching can also be incredibly important when it comes to stabilizing soil for various developments. Trenches can be carefully dug to create below-grade slurry walls, which prevent erosion and ensure that structures remain simple during a building process. This trench also ensures that water or moisture is directed away from the structure too. One unique way of using a slurry wall is to mix your materials with the backfill material, which then creates a firm and compactible substance that is not affected by movement in the same way that some soils are. What’s more, this combination can be helpful in preventing groundwater from penetrating the foundations of buildings.

Excavation stabilization

Slurry trenches can also be used as a way of stabilizing excavations, thereby performing the task of trench shoring. Slurry can be kept in the trench throughout the whole procedure, before reinforced bars are then lowered in. Once the trench is completely ready, the concrete can be carefully pumped in, thereby displacing the slurry. This type of excavation is most common when there is limited access to a site, or the builders need to disturb as little surrounding area as possible.

It is fair to suggest that slurry trenching and slurry wall construction are complex and important procedures, which is why they should always be done by experts. The process of environmental containment through the use of trenching can be a challenge for anyone who hasn’t been trained to understand the many important factors associated with slurry and construction.

4 ways to Play the Currency Wars

Currency WarsThe euro continues to tumble against the dollar (Exchange:EUR=) after the European Central Bank’s decision to expand its stimulus program in the euro zone. The euro’s slide deepens in a year when the dollar has floated higher against numerous currencies. “The best case you can hope for is a much, much lower euro, but in the short term, you’re not going to get that because we’ve gotten so oversold,” said CNBC “Fast Money” trader Brian Kelly.

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Who will be the casualties? With sharp currency movements mounting, uncertainty weighs on markets. “Fast Money” traders looked at plays in exchange-traded funds that would yield gains with choppy currencies. The iShares MSCI Germany ETF (NYSE Arca: EWG) caught Kelly’s eye. He sees a short play in the index, which is linked to German equities and ended slightly lower on Friday.”I think that Europe still continues to go down the recessionary path,” Kelly said. Trader Tim Seymour also chose to play negative sentiment in Europe. Last week, he said to short the euro-linked Guggenheim CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSE Arca: FXE), and he said now may be the time to cover the euro short.

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Euro going ‘well below parity’ Traders Steve Grasso and Guy Adami saw opportunity in commodities-linked ETFs. Grasso looked at the ProShares UltraShort Oil and Gas (NYSE Arca: DUG).”I think the dollar goes higher, the euro goes lower. I think oil goes lower as well,” Grasso said. Adami touted the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSE Arca: GDX), as he believes miners will benefit as more investors turn to gold.


Tim Seymour Tim Seymour is long AAPL, BAC, C, DIS, F, GE, GM, GOOGL, INTC, BX and SUNE. Tim’s firm is long BABA, BIDU, CCU, DSKY, KNDI, MCD, NKE, NOK, SINA, SBUX, TSL and VIP.Steve Grasso Steve Grasso is long AAPL, BA, CLVS, EVGN, FB, GDX, GOOGL, IMMR, KBH, KDUS, MHY, MJNA, NVIV, PFE, POT, SO, T, TMUS, TWTR and YHOO. His kids are long EFG, EFA, EWJ, IJR and SPY. Brian Kelly Brian Kelly is long BTC=, Gold, US Dollar, HYG puts and TWTR call spreads. He is short EWA, EWG, EWQ, EWZ, EWH, EWW, HGH5, Yen, Australian Dollar, British Pound and Canadian Dollar.Guy AdamiGuy Adami is long CELG, EXAS and INTC. Guy Adami’s wife, Linda Snow, works at Merck.

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All You Need to Know about the Best Car Title Loans Texas Has to Offer

Car Title LoansIt can be really useful to find the best car title loans Texas has to offer when you are facing an emergency financial difficulty. However, you do have to understand how these types of loans work. For instance, the amount of money you will be able to get is not unlimited. Rather, you will probably not be able to get more than 50% of the current market value of your vehicle. Additionally, you have to be able to repay the loan plus the interest fees, and the period is generally very short (usually one month). Hence, don’t apply unless you know that you will be able to make the repayments.

What If I Can’t Make the Repayments?

If you are unable to make the repayment, some lenders will allow you to roll the loan over by an extra month. You will then only have to pay the interest, rather than interest plus principle. However, if you continue to be unable to make payments, the lender will repossess your vehicle and sell it.

What Requirements Do the Best Car Title Loans Texas Has to Offer Have?

You will have to prove that you are insured and that you have a driver’s license. Additionally, you must have a monthly salary. The vehicle should be free from liens and you should be the registered keeper. When processing your loan, you will need to provide the VIN details for the car.

How Do the Best Title Loans Houston Has to Offer Work?

You will always be able to the best car title loans Texas has to offer online. There should be an application form to complete here. Once the paperwork has been completed, you will generally have to hand over the title deeds of your vehicle as well as a spare set of keys. Some lenders will actually take possession of your vehicle while you have the loan. The entire process of being accepted, however, could take less than five minutes. However, you must understand that there are pitfalls with these types of loans as well, mainly the interest rates. They are incredibly high, mainly due to the fact that you are expected to repay the loan within a very short period of time. However, if you roll the loan over, it will become incredibly expensive.

As an example, if you have a $1,000 loan, then the interest per month is likely to be around $250. Hence, if you roll it over several times, then you will have paid as much in interest as what your actual loan is. You must understand, therefore, that these types of loans are really to cover financial emergencies and should not be seen as a traditional form of lending that can take several years to pay back.

One of the greatest benefits of these types of loans, however, is the fact that your credit history is not of any significant importance. Indeed, you can get a title loan with extremely poor credit.

How to Invest After You Retire

Invest for RetirementYou just turned 66, had a blast at the office party in your honor, said goodbye to the water-cooler crowd and are heading toward that great unknown called retirement. But now you’ve got a bad case of the willies. You’re wondering whether your money will last as long as you do. After all, you don’t want to run so low on cash that you’re forced to pin on a name tag and call out “Welcome to Walmart” a decade from now.

So how do you approach your portfolio now that you’re no longer collecting a paycheck? When it comes to investing in retirement, experts say there is one guiding principle: You can’t earn back your nest egg without a steady paycheck. So you’d better make sure you’re investing wisely and safely. “When you are still working and the investment markets don’t do what you hope they will, you always have the option of working longer and postponing retirement,” says Anthony Webb, senior economist at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. “Once you have retired, you have lost that margin of adjustment.”

To be sure, unless you retired on the spur of the moment or grossly neglected your investments, you shouldn’t have to revamp your portfolio drastically. Say you plan to withdraw 4% of your total assets in the first year of retirement and to adjust the amount by the rate of inflation in the following years. Such a withdrawal rate is unlikely to deplete your savings over a 30-year retirement. All you need to do is review your investments and determine whether your portfolio properly balances your need for safety, growth and income in a way that will keep you both physically and emotionally comfortable.
Two Strategies

How do you make that determination? To start, take a look at three factors: the sources of your retirement income, the flexibility of your budget, and your ability to tolerate risk on both a practical and psychological basis. From there, you can structure a portfolio based on one of two popular asset-allocation strategies that place a high priority on safety: the bucket plan or the cover the basics approach.

The bucket formula essentially splits your savings into three pieces, which will be used in the early, middle and late stages of retirement. The cover-the-basics approach aims to match your fixed expenses with fixed sources of income, such as Social Security, pensions and immediate annuities. The rest of your assets are invested to provide income for non-necessities, such as travel and entertainment, which presumably can be postponed during a stock market downturn.

But both approaches have the same starting point: comparing your regular sources of income to monthly expenses. This step is aimed at calculating the gap between income and expenses that needs to be covered by savings. For instance, if a couple need $6,000 a month to meet day-to-day expenses and they receive $4,000 a month from Social Security at 66—the age that Uncle Sam considers full retirement age for people born between 1943 and 1954—their gap is $2,000 a month.

Advocates of the bucket approach would encourage this couple to start by putting between $48,000 and $72,000 in short-term reserves, such as bank accounts, money market funds and certificates of deposit. This money will earn little, if anything; the aim is simply to finance two to three years of spending. Should stocks tank during that period, the couple can live off their cash holdings and won’t need to unload stocks or stock funds at unfavorable prices. When stocks recover, the couple can strategically refill the cash bucket so that they always have enough money to handle a year or two of bills, says Doug Duerr, a certified public accountant in Montville, N.J.

Retirement expert Steve Vernon prefers the cover-the-basics approach. Instead of accumulating a cash hoard to cover the gap between income and costs, retirees should consider the portion of the gap that is for fixed (that is, non-discretionary) expenses, suggests Vernon, a research scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity, at Stanford University. He argues that retirees should use an immediate annuity to cover just that portion of the gap.

The type of immediate annuity Vernon recommends works much like a pension. You invest a lump sum with an insurance company, and the insurer pays the money back to you, with interest, guaranteeing that the monthly payments will last as long as you do but not a second longer. This approach allows you to cover all of your fixed expenses. And that permits you to take more risk with your remaining assets, Vernon says.

Unfortunately, lifetime annuities are not especially attractive nowadays. That’s because their returns are based on two factors: current interest rates and the expected duration of the monthly payments. With rates scraping bottom and lifespans lengthening, a $100,000 investment in a joint-life immediate annuity will return $475 per month to a 66-year-old couple who want payments to last for both of their lifetimes. If they wanted the annuity payments to adjust for inflation, the monthly payments in the early years would be lower or the up-front cost would be higher.

Four Factors to Consider When Choosing a Provider of Job Site Trailers

Mobilemini TrailersChoosing the right company to do business with can sometimes be a tricky prospect. However, when it comes to certain aspects of your business, choosing the wrong company can have costly repercussions in the long term. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a provider of job site trailers, it is worth considering these four factors before making a financial commitment.

Are the Job Site Trailers Customizable?

The first factor to be considered when looking at job site trailers is whether there are options offered by the company for customization. While this may seem obvious, not all companies provide the correct range of options to suit your requirements. The customization options will need to fit the type and duration of the project, the correct size and layout to ensure that it is the correct trailer for your needs. There are a number of companies which offer different sizes and designs of trailers together with different amenities. This can provide options to tailor your trailer to become additional office space with conference space, bathrooms and private work areas. However, you may also need phone and Internet connections, ramps, stairs and awnings.

Does the Company Deliver and Set Up the Trailer?

The next consideration is whether the company can deliver job site trailers where and when you need it. You need to have the confidence that the trailer will be properly sited exactly where you need it. If the trailer is placed in the wrong area of the job site, this can cause a great deal of additional stress and frustration. It is important to choose a company who can not only provide the right trailer, but can get it to your location as and when you need it.

Does the Company Have a Good Standard of Customer Care?

As with any service provider, it is important that your chosen company offers a good standard of customer care. You need to have the confidence of knowing that should any issues develop, the company provides the support your need to resolve the problem. You may regret saving a few dollars if the company offers poor service. Although it may seem like a difficult task assessing the standard of customer care from a company you have never used before, it is actually quite simple. Use industry forums and review sites to find out the experiences others have had using your potential company. This can provide a great insight or at least highlight certain issues you need to query with the company before you commit to an agreement.


While price should not be your only consideration, it is likely to be a priority to ensure that you keep your operating costs as low as possible. However, when comparing prices you should ensure that you compare like for like services. Don’t be tempted to opt for the cheapest company and be sure to check that everything you need is included in the quote. This can eliminate any unpleasant surprises once you have already made an agreement.

If you are interested in job site trailers for your upcoming project, contact us. We specialize in mobile trailers and would be delighted to assist you.

5 Reasons People Don’t Succeed at Work

succeed at workThere are many ways you can succeed at work — from working hard, to taking risks, to expanding your skills. Most people have a strong goal to succeed at their job and to move up into better positions as they work longer. However, sometimes there are personal behaviors or actions that actually hold you back at work. You may knowingly not be doing your best, or you might simply have gotten into a pattern of laziness or mediocrity.

Either way, failing to do your best or consistently displaying certain behaviors can stop you from succeeding at work. This can lead to being fired or simply being passed over when promotions become available. Regardless of whether you are intentionally just slipping by, it’s always in your best interest to try to succeed at work. Here are five reasons you won’t succeed at work that you can make sure to avoid.

1. You’re too lazy

Laziness at work is a common phenomenon. It’s easy to get bored and fail to do your best. This is especially true if you feel like no one cares how well you do or if you won’t be held accountable if your work isn’t that great. However, in most cases, your boss and possibly your coworkers do notice when you don’t come through, even if they don’t say something about it immediately. You also might have gotten into a pattern of complacency, particularly if you already think your work is better than your coworkers’. However, part of succeeding at work is learning new things and always improving yourself.

Another sign of laziness is failing to show up at meetings on time, coming to work or meetings unprepared, or regularly showing up late for work or leaving early. According to Careerealism, you can avoid laziness at work by avoiding distractions, taking initiative, taking on difficult tasks, and making realistic expectations for what you can complete each day.

2. You procrastinate

A recent Salary.com survey found that 89 percent of survey respondents admitted wasting time at work every day. If you regularly procrastinate, you risk having the work you produce be rushed and inadequate. Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but try to avoid logging on to social networks, chatting aimlessly with coworkers, and making repeated trips to the restroom or to use the phone as much as possible. You also should try not to wait till the last minute for important projects. Even if you have weeks to complete a project, you should take it on as soon as you have the time. If you give yourself more time to complete it, you likely will do a more thorough job.

3. You fail to get along with others

If you hate your boss or your coworkers, chances are it is affecting your work and your work atmosphere. Being frustrated or deeply bothered by another employee can easily affect the quality of your work because your emotions and frustrations can stop you from putting your best work forward. In addition, if you can’t get along with your coworkers, you will never succeed at your job long-term. Bosses want to have employees who make an effort to at least be civil and get along with their coworkers. This is a vital ability because you almost always will have to work with your coworkers on projects, and you will need to interact with them on a daily basis.

According to Monster, you can try being honest with the coworker or coworkers who are bothering you, focus on the person’s good qualities, and if you must, report any behavior that is worth reporting.

4. You’re not positive

A negative attitude affects your own work production and ability, and it affects those around you. Negativity in the workplace (whether you are gossiping, complaining, or just having a bad attitude) will definitely hinder your chances for success. Negativity affects the general feeling of a workplace as well; one person with a bad attitude can bring many other people down, and too many negative workers will make a workplace toxic. In addition to affecting others, negativity will also stop you from succeeding yourself. If you are never happy about your job, you will fail to reap any positive benefits besides a paycheck. You may also become overly paranoid because you think everyone is out to get you. Lastly, having a negative attitude might stop you from taking a risk like applying for a job that you would really enjoy, or learning new skills that would help you with your career.

5. It’s out of your hands

While often your failure to succeed at work is your own fault, sometimes there are other reasons you won’t succeed. Sometimes a job is just a job, and it won’t turn into a career. This may be because you are failing in some way, but it can also be outside of your control. If the company you work for is too small, you may have a hard time moving forward or succeeding in turning your job into a career. If you are satisfied simply having a job, then that might not matter, but if you have long-term goals, you might want more for yourself. It’s also possible that you won’t succeed at your job because the company you work for is in financial trouble, in which case, there isn’t much you can do.

For the most part, you are responsible for your own success at work. Sometimes, outside forces will stop you from succeeding, but in general, it’s important to take time once in a while to evaluate your own contributions, and to make sure that you are not hindering your own success.

Is your business website fit for the modern marketplace?

Business WebsitePost by Waqar Tariq – You may be thinking that because your business website is well established and the content and layout are regularly updated, there is little left to do in order to keep your products and services in front of existing and potential customers. Until as recently as the last four of five years, this might have been a safe assumption, but today it could prove to be a costly mistake in terms of lost sales opportunities

A couple of developments related to tablet computers and smartphones, namely apps and social media, have transformed the way people purchase goods and services on the internet. It has reached the point where mobile apps are threatening to overtake websites as the preferred method of accessing the web.

If your business is to expand or even retain its current level of market penetration, you are advised to take a look at the following tips and check that your website is equipped to meet the challenges posed by trading in the 21st century.


Your homepage has to attract the attention of potential customers within a couple of seconds. It is your virtual shop window, so if it does not catch the eye, no matter how impressive the rest of the site is, you will have fallen at the first hurdle.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial, so have a professional with a proven track record go through your site and suggest improvements that will ensure it appears on the first page of search engines such as Google. A recent survey found that some 94% of people only look at the front page.



Having caught the attention of your visitors, the next issue relates to how easy they find it to navigate through the site. Check that the menu stands out from the page by using a contrasting color scheme and button titles that are self-explanatory. Ensure that no matter what page is being viewed, visitors can always navigate back to the homepage. A popular way of achieving this is to use the company logo as a link back to the homepage.

Optimizing for mobile users

The explosion in the use of mobile devices has meant that you absolutely must have a website that is configured to display correctly on smartphones and tablets. A 2014 survey reported that by the end of the year around 50% of global mobile device owners will be using them to access the internet. What’s more, the figures for areas such as North America, Europe and parts of Asia are forecast to be higher still.

The changes required are relatively simple, so whether your website is outsourced or maintained in-house, the time taken to carry out the upgrade and the costs involved should be minimal. Remember, your competitors have probably already modified their sites, so why not check out how they look compared to your own site?

Mobile apps

One of the biggest changes in the way the public uses the internet when out and about has to be the mobile app. A recent report suggested that the first thing any business should do when setting up a web presence is to build a mobile app.

Savvy customers want to be involved; they are eager to know something about who is running the business they are purchasing from and what its ethics are. They expect it to be easy to make contact, register how satisfied or otherwise they are and have the ability to interact with fellow customers.

From your business’s side you should have the ability to offer special deals and discounts to customers in specific areas of the country or regions of the world, and trial new products with groups of customers whose suggestions and feedback you value.

As with your website homepage, the way your mobile app looks and its ease of use are critically important. Though it may be tempting to take shortcuts, you are strongly advised to employ the services of a professional studio such as Worry Free Labs to build your app. When you consider the increased sales that are likely to be generated, the return on investment will make the cost appear trivial. Over time, you can also rest assured that your app will be upgraded to reflect all the latest developments.

Social media

Maintaining a presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook enhances the ability of the public to build a relationship with your business and is a key element of expanding your customer base. Most businesses, whatever their size, now use blogging and Facebook page articles to interact with and maintain the interest of visitors and followers.

The cost of setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account are negligible; from then on, all you have to do is commit yourself to spending an hour or so, each week, updating content and responding to queries.

Whether you own a local store employing one or two staff or a multi-national trading company, you cannot afford to sit back and ignore the incredible changes that have taken place in mobile communications over the past year or so. Take a close look at your website, spend a few minutes surfing the net from a mobile device, make a note of the best sites you find, and being ultra-critical, ask yourself how yours compares. You may have to spend some money bringing it up to scratch, but consider what would happen to your sales figures if you do nothing.

How to Protect Your Home from Someone Filing a Lien

File LiensIf you are investing in home improvements on an existing property, or even building a new home, it is very important that nobody has been filling a lien against it. You must look into any claims by contractors or subcontractors and ensure that their payments have been made, or that the liens are removed. If you don’t do this, you may end up in serious financial difficulties.

Filing a Lien and Notice to Owner Forms

Before someone can file a lien, a Notice to Owner must be officially service. This notice must show the name and address of the person filing a lien. Additionally, it must describe the property against which the lien will be placed and the services or materials that are being disputed. The notice must be served before the owner has made a final payment to the contractor and no more than 45 days after the start of the services themselves. If no Notice to Owner has been served, then the lien is not valid either.

There are a few things you can do against the person filing a lien to protect yourself. This includes:

  • Create an agreement before you start with your contractor to stipulate that all releases of lien have to be provided. If this has not been stipulated in a contract, or if you act as a contractor yourself, then you are responsible for getting the releases.
  • Keep all documentations of borrowed money. In many cases, lenders will pay contractors directly. This means that if they do not obtain a release, they are the ones responsible for any losses you may encounter. You do, however, have to be able to prove this through the documentation.
  • You cannot sell your property until the lien has been released. Generally, they won’t be released until the amount has been paid, unless you can demonstrate that it is invalid. Be aware of the danger of this, as homeowners have had to sell their properties in order to pay for the lien.
  • Anyone who has had any involvement in the property, be they labourers, contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers, landscape architects, building architects, engineers, interior designers, land surveyors and more, is allowed to file a claim of lien for the work they have done or the materials they have supplied. Hence, you have to make sure that you receive a lien release form from anyone who has done any type of work on your property.
  • Liens last for a full year, unless a lawsuit is filed to enforce it before the one year expiration. You, as the owner, can file a Notice of Contest of Lien at any point during this year. When you file this, the lawsuit must be started by the lienor within 60 days of your notice. If they do not do this, the lien becomes invalid.
  • Always have an attorney to represent you in any lien cases. They understand the law and will make sure all documentation is filed properly.

How to Make Money With an Online Business

Make Money OnlineMaking money online is a concept that many of us have considered at lest once in our lives. Making a living without having to leave the comfort of home is a dream for millions of people, however only a few manage to transform that dream into the reality of an online business.

The reality is, exactly like in the real world, there are as many ways to earn a buck online as there are people with ideas. Like anything, however, the best online business ideas are the ones that complement your chosen lifestyle.

Step one of starting an online business is to consider what level of investment you are going to make into this new endeavour. As with all fledgling businesses, at least a moderate amount of your time and money are going to be required to get yourself set up and going. If you are looking for an online business that doesn’t require any time or cash investment, you may as well stop looking now. It doesn’t exist in the bricks and mortar world of business, and the online business world is no different.

So, the first question to be asked is how much time and money are you prepared to put into your online business? Naturally, if you are willing to commit a lot of one of these, much less of the other is needed. So, if you spend a lot of money, you wont need to invest as much time. Conversely, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you will have to spend a lot more time to see the same result.

There is a huge number of online money making programs to be found, and it is very easy to eat up massive amounts of your time just by poring over the different online business choices, trying to find your perfect opportunity. The payment plans for many of these are complicated and confusing. It is a good idea when starting out to stick to programs that have compensation plans that you can understand easily. Not understanding how you are going to make money from your online business is not a good foundation for success, so if you are reading and re-reading paragraphs and examining diagrams about commission calculations, it might be time to consider moving back from that particular online business and looking at something else.

When you have located the particular online business that fulfils your requirements, you need to learn to promote like a pro! This unfortunately, is where more than 90% of internet entrepreneurs fail. Finding your customers is the number one priority when creating any type of online income. Again, this mirrors most real world business practices. It is impossible to create an income without going out and finding the people that are ultimately going to pay you.

Marketing, advertising an promotion has morphed into a massive industry in the online world. Options available include, but are not limited to, article marketing, social media, safelist advertising, pay per click , and text exchanges. Developing the optimal mix for your online business is generally a process of trial and error. There are, however, many programs that include promotional training as a part of the system. These are excellent for those new to internet marketing.

One such system is the 10K Challenge. The Challenge has been helping people to make money online since its inception, as has been significantly upgraded and redesigned over the last few months. The Challenge provides you with full training and promotional tools, as well as amazing support If you really want to build a solid, sustainable online business, learning more about the 10K Challenge is a no-brainer. Simply by following their step by step program, you can build your own executive level online income!

The Various Features of Short Term Personal Loans

Personal LoansThere are many different types of loans and financial products available. Personal loans are the most common, and there is now an insurgence in short term personal loans as well. With a personal loan, someone is given a specific period of time in which they have to pay it back, and they also incur interest charges until they have paid it all off. This is why these types of loans are also known as instalment loans.

Why Do People Look for Short Term Personal Loans?

People look for different financial products because they have a financial need that cannot be met by the balance in their bank account. With a short term personal loan, however, this need is often very urgent and of a temporary nature. Hence, rather than taking out a loan of several years, they will take out something that they will pay back within about a month or so.

The Benefits of Short Term Personal Loans

There are a number of specific benefits to taking out short time personal loans. These include:

  • They are generally available to people regardless of their credit status, because they are secured against things such as a title deed of a vehicle or an upcoming salary.
  • Although they have incredibly high interest rates, they often seem cheaper because interest is only paid over the short period the loan is taken out over, usually 30 days. It is very important to understand, however, that many lenders allow the loan to be rolled over by only paying the interest. In this case, the loan does become very expensive.
  • It provides emergency cash funds as an when needed. When applying for a traditional loan, banks will often require mountains of paperwork and will then take weeks to make a decision. If you are lucky enough for this decision to go in your favour, they will take another week or so at least before the funds are deposited into your account. With a short term personal loan, by contrast, the money can be in your account in as little as a few hours.

At the same time, there are some downsides to these types of loans as well. However, these disadvantages are not exclusive to short term personal loans. All financial products carry a risk with them if you are unable to pay it back. Additionally, all loans are expensive, as you always have to pay back more than you originally borrowed. Particular to short term personal loans, however, is that lenders will often encourage you to roll the loan over so that they are able to earn more on your interest charges. Hence, you have to be certain that you will be able to pay the loan back as soon as you have the money, or it will become increasingly expensive. These types of financial products are designed for immediate needs and provide short term relief. As such, you can also not expect to borrow more than a few hundred or a thousand at the most.

These Stocks Just Raised Their Dividends

WaltDisney LogoIt’s hard to find an investor who isn’t cheered when one (or more!) of their stocks declares a dividend raise.

These not only put extra money directly into the lucky shareholder’s pocket, but also often improve the stock price, as the market is willing to pay that much more for the extra payout. Companies that improve their long-term fundamentals typically have extra resources to add to their distribution over time.

As has been the trend lately, last week saw several noted companies hike their distributions. Three that particularly stood out were:

Walt Disney

If you’ve ever seen a movie, watched TV, or strolled the toy aisle of your favorite general retailer, Disney needs no introduction. The famous company has boosted its annual payout by 34% to $1.15 per share for this year.

That dividend is more than sustainable. The company’s done a fine job of growing its business over the years — in fact, fiscal 2014 smashed its previous records for revenue and net income — and the future looks bright, with plenty of strong film and TV content in the pipeline, and the company’s first theme park in mainland China set to open its doors in 2016.

It should be noted, though, that Disney’s shares trade at an all-time high (which is saying something for a firm that has been around for decades). Consequently, the stock’s price to earnings ratio (22 at present) is loftier than it’s often been in the past. Potential investors need to consider these factors before snapping up shares.

Disney’s annual dividend will be paid on January 8 to stockholders of record as of December 15.


Speaking of dividend hikes well timed for the holiday season, MasterCard (NYSE: MA  ) — the brand by which a great many presents will be bought —  has also instituted a hefty dividend raise. The company will pay $0.16 per share for its next distribution, or 45% higher than its predecessor.

I’ve written a longer analysis about this dividend hike and its sustainability. To boil it down for this digest, although the increase is high in percentage terms, MasterCard has been paying a very low dividend (in yield terms) for quite some time and this isn’t going to change with the new payout.

Yes, those numbers are well under 1%. The dividend is not only a minuscule part of the company’s per-share profit, it’s also a fraction of its current cash position. The firm’s cash and short-term investments total was $7.8 billion at the end of its Q3, while the new dividend will see it shell out a mere $178 million to its shareholders.

So worrying about whether MasterCard’s dividend will dive or expire is like worrying about the company going out of business. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

MasterCard’s raised dividend is to be paid on February 9 to holders of record as of January 9.


This firm is ubiquitous these days without being widely known by the general public. It manufactures Gorilla Glass, a high-tech material used in a great many smartphones and tablets (among other products). Talk about a hot market! Corning is highly profitable, and this is reflected in its latest quarterly dividend raise — by 20% to $0.12 per share.

The company’s Q3 was a good indication of where it seems to be headed. Net sales jumped by 23% year-over-year (to $2.5 billion), while bottom line more than doubled (to just over $1 billion).

Note that Corning had an extremely high net profit margin. This helped greatly increase its cash from operations and its free cash flow. The latter, which came in at $2.9 billion for the first nine months of this year, was far more than the $439 million the company paid out in dividends.

Although the free cash flow number is higher than usual for the company, it nevertheless illustrates its traditional habit of living within its means as far as the dividend is concerned. The company should hopefully continue to be prosperous, while keeping those dividends flowing to shareholders.

Corning’s upcoming distribution is to be handed out on March 31 to stockholders of record as of February 27.

Oil Resumes Drop as Iran Sees $40 If There’s OPEC Discord

crude oilBrent crude fell, trading near a five-year low as an Iranian official predicted a further decline in prices if solidarity among OPEC members falters. West Texas Intermediate also sank.

Futures slid as much as 1.9 percent in London. Crude could fall to as low as $40 a barrel amid a price war or if divisions emerge in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, said an official at Iran’s oil ministry. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reduced its price forecasts for next year while also downgrading its production outlook for a second month. U.S. output is at a three-decade high.

Brent collapsed 15 percent since OPEC agreed to leave its production ceiling unchanged on Nov. 27, resisting calls from members including Venezuela to cut output to stabilize prices. Saudi Arabia and Iraq this month deepened discounts on crude exports to their customers in Asia, bolstering speculation that group members are fighting for market share.

“I can see no news that would give any reason to buy oil at the moment,” Christopher Bellew, senior broker at Jefferies International Ltd., said by e-mail.

Brent for January settlement decreased as much as $1.30 to $65.54 a barrel on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange and was at $65.76 at 10:43 a.m. local time. The contract traded as low as $65.29 yesterday, the weakest since September 2009. The European benchmark crude was at a premium of $3.17 to WTI.
Iranian Output

WTI for January delivery fell as much as $1.45, or 2.3 percent, to $62.37 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It tumbled yesterday to as little as $62.25, the lowest since July 2009. The volume of futures traded was 5 percent above the 100-day average for the time of day.

Any break in OPEC solidarity or price war will lead to an enormous price-dive shock,” Mohammad Sadegh Memarian, head of petroleum market analysis at the Oil Ministry in Tehran, said yesterday. Iran, hobbled by economic sanctions over its nuclear program, wants to raise production to 4.8 million barrels a day once the curbs are removed, he said at a conference in Dubai.
OPEC Unity

OPEC pumped 30.56 million barrels a day in November, exceeding its collective target of 30 million for a sixth straight month, a Bloomberg survey of companies, producers and analysts showed.

“With OPEC looking like a dysfunctional family, no pullback in U.S. production and a lack of geopolitical concerns, it’s all adding up to lower prices,” Michael McCarthy, a chief strategist at CMC Markets in Sydney, said by phone today.

WTI will average $62.75 a barrel in 2015, compared with a November projection of $77.75, the EIA said yesterday. Brent may trade at $68.08, down from an earlier estimate of $83.42, according to the Energy Department’s statistical arm.

While the price drop will start to slow production next year, output is still forecast at the highest level since 1972, EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski said in a statement.

The U.S. oil boom has been driven by a combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, which has unlocked supplies from shale formations including the Eagle Ford in Texas and the Bakken in North Dakota. Output advanced to 9.08 million barrels a day through Nov. 28, the fastest rate in weekly records that started in January 1983, EIA data showed.

Crude inventories in the country, the world’s biggest oil consumer, expanded by 4.4 million barrels last week, the industry-funded American Petroleum Institute reported yesterday, according to Anthony Headrick, an analyst at CHS Hedging. Government data today may show stockpiles shrank by 2.7 million, based on the median estimate in a separate Bloomberg survey of eight analysts.

5 Stocks Insiders Can’t Stop Buying

Stock InsiderCorporate stocks insiders sell their own companies’ stock for a number of reasons. They might need the cash for a big personal purchase such as a new house or yacht, or they might need the cash to fund a charity. Sometimes they sell as part of a planned selling program that they have put in place for diversification purposes, which allows them to sell stock in stages instead of selling all at one price.

Other times they sell because they think their stock is overvalued and the risk/reward is no longer attractive. Some even dump their own stock because they have inside knowledge that a competitor is eating their lunch and stealing market share.

But insiders usually buy their own shares for one reason: They think the stock is a bargain and has tremendous upside.

The key word in that last statement is “think.” Just because a corporate insider thinks his or her stock is going to trade higher, that doesn’t mean it will play out that way. Insiders can have all the conviction in the world that their stock is a buy, but if the market doesn’t agree with them, the stock could end up going nowhere. Also, I say “usually” because sometimes insiders are loaned money by the company to buy their own stock. Those loans are often sweetheart deals and shouldn’t be viewed as organic insider buying.

At the end of the day, it’s institutional money managers running big mutual funds and hedge funds that drive stock prices, not insiders. That said, many of these savvy stock operators will follow insider buying activity when they agree with the insider that the stock is undervalued and has upside potential. This is why it’s so important to always be monitoring insider activity but twice as important to make sure the trend of the stock matches up with the insider buying.

Recently, a number of companies’ corporate insiders have bought large amounts of stock. These insiders are finding some value in the market, which warrants a closer look at these stocks.

Demand For OPEC Oil Is Falling Off A Cliff

Ali Al-NaimiSaudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) lowered its projection for oil demand in 2015 to 28.9 million barrels a day — its lowest level since 2002.

The cut of about 300,000 barrels a day in expected demand comes after crude oil prices have collapsed by 40% since June.

“The downward revision reflects the upward adjustment of non-OPEC supply as well as the downward revision in global demand,” OPEC said in its monthly market report.

The combination of slowing growth, particularly in energy-intensive countries like China, and the shale oil boom in the US has put significant pressure on oil prices over recent months. Brent crude has fallen to under $66 a barrel from a peak of $115 in June, while US benchmark WTI crude is down to $62.7 a barrel from over $107.

Last month OPEC decided against cutting production despite the price falls. In the statement following its decision the cartel said ” although world oil demand is forecast to increase during the year 2015, this will, yet again, be offset by the projected increase of 1.36 mb/d in non-OPEC supply.”

What did it mean by that?

Well in recent years non-OPEC supply has been increasing, meaning that OPEC’s hold over global oil markets has been weakened. This means the cartel, which controls about 40% of global oil production, is having to compete much more actively on price with non-OPEC producers to maintain market share.

As a demonstration of this trend, output from within OPEC actually fell by 390,000 barrels a day in November because of supply disruption in Libya, after rebels seized the country’s critical Sharara oil field. However, those falls were more than compensated for by increases in non-OPEC supply which has risen by 1.72 million barrels a day in 2014, about 580,000 a day more than OPEC’s initial estimates, according to Bloomberg.

This has left some analysts to speculate that for now OPEC is simply unable to halt further oil price slides. Bank of America’s Francisco Blanch said the organization was “effectively dissolved” after failing to cut production at its latest meeting over the protests of many of its members.

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire Happily?

Retire HappilyYou don’t want to run out of money before you run out of life. How much money do you need? Great question. Here are others you want to answer along the way to saving for retirement:

How long will I live? Probably the hardest question in all of life – you have to think about your mortality and foresee advances in medical science. A life insurance company might tell you that at 65 you can expect to live about 20 more years. If you’re in good health that number is higher.

When will I retire? If you plan to retire at 55, you need much more money than if you retire at 70. The longer you don’t work, the larger the nest egg you need.

If you hate what you do, you probably want to retire earlier. If you love what you do, retirement might not even be on your horizon. If you’re like most people, determining how much you like the work helps you figure out at what age you want to retire.

Will I work in retirement? If you stop working full time, do you stop working completely? Will you consult a few days a week? Start work in a different industry? Some originally plan merely changing jobs after retirement starts.

If you want to work part time when you retire, you obviously need to save less money. Let’s be clear about this, though: If you plan on working part time and you save nothing today you’ll still run out of money fast in retirement.

Rather than an excuse to dodge building a nest egg, working part time counts as only a way to fill your retirement time and reduce – not eliminate – the amount of money you must save today.

Are Installment Loans Right For You?

Installment LoansThere has been plenty of coverage about installment loans over the years and in truth, a lot of it has been negative. However, there’s a reason why this type of finance is still popular – it’s very useful for a lot of people.

Rather than highlight all of the individuals that shouldn’t turn to one of these loans, we’re instead going to concentrate on the positives. Therefore, if you are considering a payday loan, read on to find out if they really are right for you.

Do you have an unexpected emergency?

First and foremost, installment loans are only appropriate in genuine emergencies. If you’ve just walked down the high-street and seen a holiday that you fancy, turning to finance of this type certainly isn’t the way forward. This is something that lenders don’t make any secrets about – the best way to use an instalment loan is for something unavoidable, which has come out of the blue. The risks and interest rates are simply too high for you to use the cash for luxury purchases, that your life really doesn’t need.

To pull several examples into this guide, we’d suggest anything from a broken down boiler to a medical emergency to be decent ideas for this type of finance. In other words – situations that have to be resolved instantaneously.

Are you “turning a profit”?

This is another important question to pose to yourself before taking out an installment loan. Some people decide to take out one of these loans simply because it seems like the last resort, where every other avenue has dried up. Unfortunately, this is a recurrent problem – something that happens every month.

The problem with this approach is that even though the installment loan will solve your problem this month, it’s only going to worsen your situation several weeks later. Your problem isn’t short term, you’re making a loss every month that requires much stronger action than a quick boost of cash. In fact, the installment loan will just make things worse and plunge you into further debt – and this is where a lot of the media tend to be heading when they write their reports about this industry.

Are installment loans the only method of finance you qualify for?

Another reason why installment loans can work for a lot of people is because of the flexibility in relation to the requirements. You only have to take a look at the average requirements for installment loans to see that you don’t have to bring much to the table. There are no credit checks, while the biggest burden on your shoulders is proving your income.

Bearing this in mind, it’s really no surprise why millions of people do opt for this type of loan. As we’ve probably all experienced in the past, anything from a bank or building society usually involves piles of paperwork – while the requirements for the typical installment loan can generally be counted on one hand. As such, if you do have poor credit history (but can still afford to take out finance), this could be a good reason to opt for this type of loan.

Internet Marketing Environments

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Description of Internet Marketing Environments

Description of an Internet Marketing Environment is a niche industry specific system which allows small businesses to market their very own photo structured goods from the Net. Simply by centering on one particular industry portion, the items for that small company are not only seen advertised from the enterprise website but also through aggregate websites highly relevant to that business. The key to the system is SIME Corps niche market categorizing schema that captures the qualities of the photo structured product in a natural way completely from the business enterprise.

Who Use Internet Marketing Environments

Internet marketing environments are widely-used by simply SIME Corp immediately, spouse firms which can be industry experts or perhaps firms who also lease/purchase full turnkey marketing and advertising surroundings for business. The business enterprise that makes use of the net Marketing Environment is named the father or mother enterprise. Smaller businesses are usually their very own clientele. Online marketing Conditions are prepared for a parent or guardian enterprise that handles market portion. Samples of industry sections are usually journey, design, real estate, artwork, collectibles, projects, etc .

The parent business can then use a variety of economic models, like registration or perhaps smooth price, to promote the service to clientele. The upkeep expenses are usually because clients maintain their own information with no involvement from the father or mother company. This means as the clientele grows; the cost to work the Internet Marketing Environments does not increase.

The key to applying an Internet Marketing Environments to business portion is the expertise knowledge about that business portion. With the parent business’s market knowledge, an initial categorizing schema is created, permitting the customer firms to simply include and keep their very own information. With the business expertise, the right aggregate websites are made as well as filled along with appropriate goods instantly from the client’s product information.

Value Statement

Benefits of internet marketing environments parent companies. A business economic model which allows flat operating costs irrelevant of the customer base growth. Ability to offer cost-effective providers into a big clientele associated with small businesses which have minimum internet skills.

Ability to quickly as well as price efficiently campaign aggregate websites in a particular industry sub-segment currently filled along with goods from the small company customer firms
Benefits to the Customer Organization. A very important web property which allows your own business to make or perhaps boost web property. Simply no upkeep price for that small business that will now maintain their own information along with minimum computer expertise. Enterprise product information could more readily always be that comes with the Net while using computerized search results force of the product information.

Pros and Cons of Taking out Title Loans in Los Angeles

Taking out LoansIf you find yourself in a difficult financial situation and you are struggling to meet your financial commitments, you could consider taking out title loans in Los Angeles. These types of loans offer a number of advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to weigh these up. Let’s take a look at these issues.

Understanding Title Loans in Los Angeles

Nobody likes to ask for money, but sometimes there is simply nothing else to it. What if you have an expensive medical bill, your car breaks down, a hurricane knocks your house down or a boiler breaks down? No matter how much you try to manage your finances, most of us simply do not have the savings to cope with this. When this happens, you could ask to borrow money of someone you know, but this can be embarrassing and since you are already under stress, this is the last thing you need. You could apply for a payday loan or doorstep collection loan, but these are hugely expensive and it can me that someone knows you are having to resort to these issues, particularly with doorstep collection loans. Car title loans may just be the only other viable option.

The Pros of Car Title Loans in Los Angeles

Looking first at the advantages of car title loans in Los Angeles, it is important to understand that these are available to people regardless of their credit rating. This is because you use your car as collateral, making it one of the best secured loans Los Angeles can offer you.

Because it is a secured loan, the interest rate is quite low. Furthermore, lenders are becoming more and more flexible in terms of their repayment options, which means you often do not even have to pay the entire loan back in one go anymore.

Finally, applications are quick and easy. You can generally arrange everything online and have the money in your account the next day, if not sooner. It is an effective and highly efficient way of getting your hands on some quick and much needed cash.

The Cons of Auto Title Loans

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to these loans as well. First of all, even the best auto title loans Los Angeles can offer you are secured on your vehicle, meaning it will get towed away and sold if you don’t pay the loan back. This is incredibly embarrassing as well as very bad for your overall credit rating. Additionally, you do have to be aware that the interest may seem low, it is still much higher than with other types of loans. Furthermore, the longer you take to pay the loan back, the more you will pay in interest.

Most of us never want to apply for a loan but there is sometimes no other option. If you do find yourself in that situation, car title loans may just be exactly what you were looking for. Application is quick and easy, and you can use it to get out of dire straits.

Best Inspiring Home Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Home Business

Home Business

If you just stay at home mother, looking to ginger star an entrepreneurial dream, up and coming fantasy or just seeking to receive a little extra earnings?

Beginning a home-based business is an excellent service this particular. Actually 52 percent associated with U.S organizations work since home businesses and lots of associated with the largest manufacturers have been dependent upon stay-at-home parents: (Dorothy) Gerber, Mrs. (Debbi) Job areas, and also Julie Aigner-Clark (Baby Einstein), to call yet a couple of. But some of us wonder what forms of organizations can easily increase and also prosper in the house surroundings?

Below are some business ideas and considerations for stay at home moms:


Possibly the least difficult kind of enterprise to be able to learn about and also work will be Freelancing. No matter what you’re current talent: composing, web site design, marketing and advertising, duty specialist, or perhaps pictures: Freelancing gives a huge level of overall flexibility and also flexibility, and are started out together with tiny expense or perhaps papers. Several virtual assistants obtain their start with getting close to the ex – boss or perhaps consumer who also can reap the benefits of their particular companies, in that case side available as their body of do the job and also track record grows up.

Freelancing gives you it has the obstacles and requires control: that you are running a business of course. Widespread flaws virtual assistants produce include things like definitely not placing the organization upwards appropriately and also by law (getting the correct makes it possible for, or perhaps licenses), neglecting to get dollars away to have believed income taxes, but not planning interests and also valleys throughout earnings.

Look at all these sites regarding as well as instruction to assist you to throughout the technique of establishing and also running your current contract enterprise:

  • Beginning a contract organization: Tips on how to Manage Authorized, Taxation and also Contractual Forms.
  • Tips on how to fix and also concerned your current Contract Organization Charges.

Get Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants (VAs) give you a variety of “virtual” company’s additional organizations which includes admin, promotion tech support team coming from a home business office. My local window cleaner, for example, uses a VA to answer his calls and manage his calendar while he’s busy on-site. VAs usually are achieving acceptance, way too, since organizations check out save money and also use outsourcing for admin characteristics. For anyone who is sorted out and still have a good admin qualifications, this can always be for yourself. Focus on your own personal internet connections or perhaps benefit from the companies of any virtual assistant corporation or perhaps connection who is able to help you build started out and also be connected an individual together with clientele.

Make Money from Blogging

Sure, you can create dollars by simply blogs. I subscribe to numerous stay-at-home parents who also actually are vogue and style people: and also it is very their particular enterprise. When you can publish and still have a passion for any issue or perhaps interest you are aware can produce several focus, then could be for yourself. Cash flow new release prospects is the form of internet marketing and also promoting with your web page or perhaps by organizations who also ask you to evaluate and also site with their solutions. Hunt for ideas visitors your blog by web 2 . 0, search engine ranking and by acquiring active in the bigger blogosphere (networking together with and also writing comments for the sites associated with other individuals with your niche).

Start a Creative Business

If it is very doing gift idea hampers or perhaps presenting decor examination companies, should you have consumers line along with the bedroom to store produce, in that case why not consider creating wealth away from your plus points? Study the industry and do several preparing to distinguish a good unknown niche market. SBA features numerous applications that can assist for example the create your Business Plan program and also size up an industry and also enterprise study program that lets you benchmark your enterprise next to challengers, place your prospects, challengers and also companies, and also put the most beneficial sites to enhance.

Start a Home-Based Bakery or Food Business

Meal development coming from a household will be closely managed yet it is very definitely not unattainable. Have Martha Stewart, regarding example-she famously came into the meal provider enterprise along with a basement-based caterers corporation throughout 1976. Just before you start the internet marketing meal enterprise you simply must know about rules this rule manufacturing meal regarding open use within the at-home surroundings. By way of example do you need a unique house? Why not consider solution marketing and many others. To get as well as awareness, examine: Beginning the Internet marketing Meal Development Organization: Doing your personal Team cooking Leisure activity your livelihood.

Child Day Care

Household childcare organizations present you with a likely worthwhile and also long-lasting income opportunity. A residence surroundings can often be attractive to mothers and fathers once their particular young children usually are paid out (and if, perhaps what you are doing an awesome job), in that case it is very probable you are going to include this enterprise until finally they are really old enough to never have to have health care.

Of course , this can be a different managed enterprise and also you are going to have to be sure an individual follow status and local laws this rule difficulties such as opportunity associated with servings, lowest living space prerequisites every little one, along with the volume of qualified health care individuals every little one. For facts with establishing a young child health care enterprise which includes auto financing selections, licensing and training prerequisites, along with regulatory is important examine: Beginning a young child Health care Organization? Government tools and resources that can help.

Start an Online Marketplace Store

Should you have chaos that you might want to remove and also such as thought of making sales to the founded throughout the world networking of consumers, consider starting a business on eBay, Etsy or Amazon. You may origin solutions to promote by junk/yard income or perhaps charitable trust retailers. If you need to have a tad more of a complex, in that case look at acquiring low cost or perhaps using the drop-shipping type. Typically the purpose is usually to get solutions which might be throughout high-demand but not easily available from their solutions. Find out more about getting going below: A lots more the retailer: How to begin an enterprise upon on the web Software industry.

More Ideas

Various other business ideas as well as a doggie walking/pet health care enterprise, the local travel agent, take up a internet marketing franchise’s enterprise, celebration arranging, anatomist layout, or perhaps individual tutoring scholars!

Doing Your Bit: What Types of Charities Are near Me?

CharitiesGone are the days when charities are comprised of donation pots at the side of supermarkets (although if you are an avid donator via this approach, don’t stop based on this opening sentence!). Now, individuals are paid large sums of money to become as creative as their wits allow to devise unique strategies to bring in donations for non-profit organisations.

The beauty about these creative approaches is that giving doesn’t always have to feel like a chore – which was once maybe the case. We’ll now take a look at some of the types of charities that you can find near you, in a bid to highlight just how donating money has become so much easier over the years.

Charities near me: The social effort

We’ll start this article with one of the recent charity phenomenon’s. Through the emergence of social media, it has become easier than ever before for charities to prosper online. The campaign that immediately comes to light is the ice bucket challenge and while this may have sounded almost ludicrous in the early days, the fact that every man and his dog embarked upon it shows just how successful the ALS group became.

Of course, succeeding on social doesn’t have to revolve around pouring a bucket of ice cold water over your head. There have been plenty of milder examples, although it goes without saying that the wilder the idea, the more interaction it gets. Still, the point we’re trying to make is that social charity experiments have brought the fun back into donating – after all, would a fraction of those people who embarked on the IBC have donated had it not been for this crazy concept?

Charities near me: The community group effort

We’re not talking about the standard community group here and if you are asking for charities near me, we’d advise you to consult one of the community crowdfunding sites.

These do exactly as the above says and ask for donations from a community to settle a need. All of the needs are validated by a third party before they are allowed to be published online, which adds a degree of trust to the concept. The fact that you can see just where your money is going, and how many others have taken to the cause, means that it’s fast becoming one of the most satisfying ways to donate.

Charities near me: The charity shop

We’re going to conclude this article with one of the most traditional options out there; the charity shop. Fortunately, charity shops have progressed tremendously over the years and gone are the years where you are sifting through a weak selection of products. Now, it’s not uncommon to see countless big brands thrown in there – with more and more people open to the idea of handing their clothes to these stores. The idea of giving items away to such shops has almost become fashionable – and the same can be said from the buyer’s perspective as well.

The Most Suitable Franchise Ideas

Franchise IdeasDo you wish to begin a small business? If so this article continues to be published simply franchise ideas for you. In this article provide how to get successful in franchise business. Through the particular ideas below it is possible to boost your chances of financial success.

Choose an Interesting Franchise Idea

This step is extremely significant however the majority of company men don’t understand this. To determine your online business you will need to function very difficult so it’s a good idea to choose a field that you are interested in. Avoid pressure yourself into a specialized niche which seems completely alien. If you undertake, you will not be able to gain true success.

Concentrate on Your Franchise Goals

Once you have a few business ideas in mind you need to begin concentrating on aims to reduce record. Consider your focuses on as well as choose the business product appropriately. It can far better to strategy correctly at first compared to changing for some other business product someplace in the future.

Arranged Your Financial Budget

A brand new endeavor may very easily turn into a dark hole with regard to some money. Activities such as promoting, brand guidance, as well as customer assistance cost a lot of funds. Which means you should set your budget as soon as possible. It can true that a company cannot get started without proper promotion as well as advertising but you should try to keep such costs under check.

Franchise Market Analysis

This is yet another crucial stage. You should try to find a company that has low competition. Gaining momentum in a hyper-competitive franchise marketplace is normally very difficult and needs significantly more funds. This is all the more vital for people who have little or no business experience. There are a number of free as well as premium programs that can be used with regard to competitor analysis. I believe Market Samurai is considered the most efficient one. It enables you to look at the rank as well as on-page Search engine optimization of any site on-line.

Fulfill the Legal Requirements

Businesses in America are needed to have proper disclosure records. One particular document that is very critical for franchises is Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). It is advisable to get this at the earliest opportunity. If you’re operating outside USA then you need to pay special attention to the legal requirements of your region. Additionally, from the intelligent concept to creating an account your home based business using the Better Business Bureau. This can provide prospective customers a sense security and safety.

These days many individuals tend to be making their very own businesses due to that the companies are getting very competing as time goes on. If you’d like to launch a company then you do this immediately. I really hope this informative article can help you discover useful franchise ideas.

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Make Money Online with Forex Trading Strategies

Forex Trading Strategies

Forex Trading Strategies

Forex trading strategies is an excellent method for individuals to earn money. Forex also known as the currency market is in charge of the trading of currency from a variety of countries globally. When you have in no way exchanged within the currency markets, they might view it because hard, but that is not the case. The information in this article will help anyone get comfortable with the foreign exchange market. One of the most effective ways to enhance in purchasing the currency market is actually by means of understanding from your errors. One under rated tool for this the log. Trying to keep the log of  exactly what you’ve figured out plus more notably the errors you get, may increase your approach considerably. At the very least, you should maintain record regarding reference point of errors you get in past times you should keep away from sometime soon. When you possibly fit a cent straight into foreign exchange you should make a decision if you happen to be truthfully all set to start off trading. Are you experiencing the financial situation to be able to tide you above in case you be unsuccessful? Can you handle losing money? Will you be able to tolerate all of the ups and downs that come at you?

Never be misinformed through any kind of revenue benefits within Forex trading strategies. This is actually the number-one method investors wind up dropping their cash as well as eventually faltering. Keep in mind that exactly the same stuff that cause you to giggle will make you weep within this marketplace, and you may shed which $700 in the identical method you acquired that, just more rapidly! Remain consistent. Every trader will lose money at some point, but that does not mean your personal approach is surely an inadequate 1. Sustaining an optimistic approach provide you with a top rated towards your competitors to remain through sensation downtrodden. Practice persistence on your own and the marketplace, since you will need that for the long term. Begin small whenever you enter the currency markets. Big accounts do not necessarily enable you to get huge income. It is better to make conservative, small trades with a modest account than to threat huge amounts having a pricey high-dollar account. Like any specialist talent, forex trading includes a certain understanding shape. It is better to get your first encounter with small blind levels than to guess huge as well as threat huge loss.

In order to avoid turning into disheartened concerning forex trading strategies, understand that each and every trader will certainly outlive others loss. A few losses tend to be inevitable, as well as elaborate essential is you utilize these types of loss to help you a much better trader. You should definitely get started with small ventures and so the loss you choose to do encounter probably will not be a large benefit. Marketing and marketing regardless how considerably small business keenness as well as marketing and marketing study know-how you possess, trading within the currency markets is risky with no robust self-discipline. And not using a agency good sense of self-control, you could autumn casualty to be able to overtrading, relying upon erratic prophecies as well as eventually your individual greed. Nevertheless, there are numerous approaches you can take that may help you expect the psychology of forex trading. Construct your individual exclusive process as well as keeps it going, regardless of whether you however that permits you to lower from time to time. May look closely at trading general trends you hear in the news. Specialized entrepreneurs are sensitive to this data before that gets air, at which point, really immaterial. Count on small is, definitely not enormous windfalls. May dangle open fire mainly because occur to be far too stressful over-analyzing an issue. When you make up your imagination, communicate too late. Work with the following pointers to reinforce your personal trading skills and grow an authentic guitar player within the forex trading carpet. As stated previous to in the release for this write-up, the foreign exchange market as well as currency markets, is an excellent method for individuals to earn money, currently employed for trading foreign money.

Tips to Develop a Small Business

Small BusinessIn the crunch economic situations of these times, pursuing a small business may be quite a viable option. However, to develop a small business, you will need to have a proper planning.  Following are some important tips that will surely help in developing your small business:  Be Confident And Find A Niche:  You need to be confident about your business prospects.

Chances are that you may not taste success in the initial stages. However, you need to have patience and a positive attitude. Also, you have to find your niche in the business industry. You should have good in-depth knowledge about your business and the market situation. This will help you strategize your actions efficiently.

Pay Attention On Financing:  Plan your budget carefully.

Although, developing a small business does not require a very large investment, chances are that you may fall short of cash. In such a case, you may prefer opting for business loans from reputed financial organizations. You may also approach an investor or micro loan providers. To convince investors, you will need to have proper present and future plans about your small business.

Check Your Expenditures:  Avoid spending on not-so-important items. Prioritize your spending.

Instead of splurging on your office furniture and other accessories, purchase only those items that are absolutely necessary for your small business.

Hire An Accountant:  It is perhaps the most essential thing you will need to do for ensuring the development of your small business.

You should hire a qualified accountant to manage your accounts.   Have A Good Marketing Strategy:  Almost every kind of business requires an effective promotional strategy. Do not forget to have your own web site promoting your small business. Approaching a reputed affiliate marketing partner may be a good option. A good marketing strategy goes a long way in ensuring success of your small business.  Good planning and hard work will ensure that your small business earns you big profits.

What Is SolarCity Stock Worth Today?

SolarCityOne of the hardest things to do in the solar industry is value solar stocks. Companies are increasingly moving away from making quarterly income by selling goods outright and shifting towards owning and financing solar projects over years or even decades. Owning projects is something SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY  ) has focused on in its short history as a public company.

So what are all of those solar systems worth, and what should you be willing to pay for SolarCity stock? I’ll try to answer that below.

How SolarCity wants you to view their business
One of the complexities in valuing a company like SolarCity is that it doesn’t have straightforward financial statements. Since it installs most of its solar systems with long-term power purchase agreements or leases, its revenues are spread over 20 years or more, resulting in low revenue and large losses short-term.

As a result, SolarCity has created concepts like retained value to estimate the present value of the leases it has signed. As of the end of the second quarter SolarCity had $3.3 billion in contracted payments from customers and $1.8 billion in estimated retained value. As this figure goes up, SolarCity is creating more value for shareholders — and that’s what management wants you to keep your eye on.

But the retained value model makes a lot of assumptions about SolarCity’s business that likely won’t come true. That’s why I think there are better ways to look at value in SolarCity’s business.

How investors should view SolarCity’s business

The problem with valuing SolarCity based on retained value alone is that it makes assumptions — like the renewal of a lease in 20 years and very high rates of lease transfer to new homeowners — that should be taken with a grain of salt. But the bigger challenge is that the lease model is likely peaking in popularity, and even SolarCity is transitioning to selling solar systems with loans. This will fundamentally change where SolarCity’s value will come from, and makes valuing SolarCity on retained value over the long term almost a moot point.

To adjust to this, I think the correct way to look at SolarCity’s value creation each quarter is to take contracted retained value (this excludes a renewal assumption built into reported retained value) plus gross margin of product sales (think loan sales in the future) minus operating costs. This would be analogous to EBIT — or earnings before interest and taxes — in present day dollars.

Over the last year, SolarCity has added $881 million in contracted retained value in 546 MW of booked projects, which is the point when retained value is booked, leading to $1.08 per watt in contracted value per watt booked. Of course, that value doesn’t become real value until it’s installed, which is the measure I’ve used below. This table attempts to show the amount of value SolarCity will install in the next three years based on its own projections for deployments and my assumptions for value created.

So, why have I projected that value per watt booked will fall over time? The simple answer is that SolarCity is in a highly competitive market with falling costs. Today, it may be able to generate $1.08 per watt in contracted value, but it’s moving into the lower margin loan market and competitive system pricing. If it costs $1.90 per watt to build a system in 2017, as management predicts, a 5 kW system would cost just $9,500 to build. It’s unlikely SolarCity would be able to sell that system for nearly $15,000, which would be a more than 36% gross margin. Competitors would flood into the market and offer lower costs.

SolarCity has also generated a lot of retained value in the last year by securitizing future cash flows. In its retained value model it discounts cash flows at a 6% rate, but securitization deals have been as low as 4.03% interest. The difference has added to retained value, but if interest rates rise over the next 20 years (which is almost guaranteed) securitization deals may not have the same boost to retained value.

It’s far more likely that margins will fall to 10%-20%, or closer to $0.50 per watt over time. That’s why the net value per watt booked falls over time in my analysis above.

So what is SolarCity worth?
Based on the assumptions above, you can see that value added annually grows each year despite the fact that value per watt falls. This is because SolarCity is growing so quickly.

The question now is that multiple to put on these value added figures? Remember that this is an approximation of the present value of EBIT, not net income, so a lower multiple should be used than you might use for a P/E ratio.

Using the 2015 estimate, I think a 6x-8x multiple of value add is appropriate, giving SolarCity a value of $5.4 billion to $7.2 billion. I think this gives investors some upside potential if value added ends up being higher than I predicted, while accounting for the very real possibility that prices and margins will be squeezed long-term.

With all of this said, it’s difficult to value a company like SolarCity which is changing rapidly and still reporting massive losses quarter after quarter. But there’s definitely value there, and this is one way to put a figure on what investors are getting in SolarCity.

5 Real Estate Mistakes Retirees Make

real estate mistakesMost people heading into retirement inevitably make some sort of real estate decision—whether they downsize, relocate to a different community or make renovations to an existing home that makes the place more accessible to live in as they get older.

So, not surprisingly, there are numerous real estate mistakes people in this group make.

“Real estate is usually one of the biggest assets retirees have, but it’s the area with the most emotional attachment—and a place where it’s very easy to mess up,” said Larry Luxenberg, managing partner with Lexington Avenue Capital Management, a financial advisory firm in New City, N.Y.

Below are five common retiree real estate stumbles.

Not downsizing soon enough

Big homes come with big energy bills and large lawns to mow—not to mention sizable real estate taxes and homeowner-insurance premiums. The longer you delay a move to a place that better fits your current needs, the more savings you’re missing out on.

“You don’t necessarily need to wait until the last child gets out of college to pull the trigger,” said Thomas Scanlon, an adviser with Raymond James in Manchester, Conn. “Lots of folks wait until post-college, and then children boomerang into the basement—it could be an eight- to 10-year run of having more home than you need.”

Not investing the downsizing proceeds

When downsizing, not everyone walks away with cash at closing—some people buy a small home, but it doesn’t come with a less expensive price tag. If, however, you are able to purchase a home and bank some cash at the same time, it’s crucial to invest that windfall, Luxenberg said.

“People have a tendency to look at that as found money,” finding a way to spend it quickly, he said.

Individual circumstances will determine exactly what to do with the cash, said Scott Bishop, director of financial planning with STA Wealth Advisors, in Houston. In some situations, it might be best to live on the home equity money first, which would allow you to leave retirement funds untouched for a while, allowing them to grow for a longer period. (Doing so might also enable you to wait longer to claim Social Security, thus entitling you to larger benefits.) Also consider the tax implications when deciding which pot of money to tap for expenses first, he said.

Not researching an area before relocating

Those with dreams of relocating to a sunny locale need to research the place before moving-and early, Bishop said. Know how your taxes will be affected, the cost of the living in the new area, and generally how you’ll fill your days there.

But also be mindful about your health-care options, Bishop said. Research doctors and make sure the ones you’d choose are accepting new patients-and that they’d be in your insurance network. Those with specific health concerns should make sure there are specialists in areas they need.

“As you age, even if you’re healthy now, you may need to visit hospitals more frequently,” Bishop said. That might not be top of mind for people when they’re moving, say, in their 50s and 60s.

Maintaining two homes

Maybe you’re a snowbird, who likes living part-time in two locations. Maybe you’ve purchased a second home with the intent to retire there someday, thinking that you’d save money by buying at today’s prices. Either way, maintaining two homes is a drain on your finances, Scanlon said.

If you’re a snowbird, make sure both homes are small, with manageable running costs, Scanlon said. And if you’re buying now to live in later, reconsider, Luxenberg said. Buying now may end up not being that much of a savings, after factoring in the cost of running two homes-and may even cost more in the long run, he said.

“My own experience owning a house is that everything costs more than anticipated beforehand,” Luxenberg said.

Having a mortgage in retirement

Yes, mortgage rates are favorable, and owners can deduct mortgage interest when filing their income taxes. But most retirees live on Social Security, IRA distributions, their savings and portfolio, and for many, the tax deduction isn’t very significant, Scanlon said. Also, not having a mortgage can keep expenses down, perhaps allowing a retiree to delay taking Social Security distributions early, he said. When you wait until full retirement age, Social Security distributions are larger.

Scanlon also advises against taking out a mortgage if you downsize to a new home-despite low rates. “If someone is 50 years old, he’d have the mortgage until he’s 80,” he said.

Join us at 2 pm ET Friday on Facebook to talk about retirement strategies for real people and the money mistakes you shouldn’t make in the crucial years before you retire. We’ll be chatting with Yahoo Finance’s Mandi Woodruff, the AARP’s Jean Setzfand and Money editor-at-large Penelope Wang.

Is This Your Portfolio?

PortfolioInvestment portfolio come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big and some are small. But regardless of their size, there’s a common thread. What am I talking about?

All portfolio, regardless of whether they are a 401(k) retirement plan, an IRA, or a brokerage account, have defining characteristics.

Certain portfolio, for example, are an over-diversified mess of everything held everywhere. Other portfolios are heavily concentrated in just one asset class like gold (IAU), a few stocks (JAVLX) or one industry sector like bank stocks (KBE) or biotechs (IBB). Does your portfolio have these attributes?

In either case, the construction of many investment portfolio rarely meets the true objectives of the investor. Why? Because the portfolios contain major structural flaws that restrict or threaten performance. And unless these defects are identified and eliminated, they will hamper financial progress.

In my latest video titled, “Which of these 3 Portfolio is Yours?” I examine three common types of portfolios. These are the investment accounts I’ve executed personalized Portfolio Report Cards on over the past few months. Since May, I’ve already analyzed and graded more than $15 million in portfolios.

The Portfolio Report Card method I invented for analyzing and grading portfolios uncovers most of the investment problems that afflict people. The simple grading system of A, B, C, D, or F helps you to understand the financial condition of your investments in the only five areas that matter; risk, cost, taxes, diversification, and performance.  Does your portfolio pass or fail?

Sim Box and GSM Gateway

SIM-boxANTRAX solution might be a fancy involving computer software along with computer hardware and that is made especially to the termination involving tone site visitors via VoIP (Voice over IP) for you to GSM marketing networks (networks involving mobile phone operators). Due to module-based composition, accommodating construction allowing the merchandise in order to meet just about any demands along with demands, Antrax answer might be executed intended for successful telephone calls termination both inside huge or perhaps inside tiny quantities.

Sim box (also known as sim bank or sim card reader) — is only one involving computer hardware segments involving Antrax Solution for GSM termination.
sim box enables you to set up along with handle from twenty to three hundred sim cards various mobile phone providers that permits function involving a number of GSM gateways put into various areas. You are able to maintain your sim cards away from GSM portal. This enables you to connect another Sim intended for GSM/VoIP portal component, allowing exactly the same cards for you to contact via various factors therefore decreasing the chance of obstructing.

Features of Antrax sim box:

  • Sub-rack along with 15 common slot machines which supplies energy along with awesome the device
  • 1-15 SIM-boards which includes twenty sim cards
  • Run the actual portal without having Sim-card within it
  • Shop as much as three hundred SIM-cards various providers in a single place
  • Each client has opportunity to choose individual composition involving SIM package along with use via three hundred sim cards during GSM termination.

It is possible to combine GSM along with sim boards in a single rack, so it is gsm — sim package.

Business Concepts for a Basic Business Plan

Business ConceptsThese are the most basic elements for a basic business plan:
The business concept, rather than the product itself
What matters is not what you want to sell, what matters is the “business concept” let me explain with an example. Most people think McDonald’s is a hamburger business, others believe that the business is to call the attention of children with the Happy Meal and sell hamburgers to stop, this is only part of the concept.  The true concept of business from McDonald’s “Real Estate” is the company that has more commercial properties in the world, their approach is to buy land with little commercial value, they put a McDonald’s, in a few years the property rises in value and sell the rest of gains ground.  Franchise dealers pay most of the construction and equipment also end up paying rent for the facility over the franchise royalties. Everything is owned by McDonald’s, the point here is the local income and sales of inputs.  The same with Burger King, Estartbook and other franchises, notes as the concept is more important business to market the product.

The market investigation
Depending on the size of the business is the research carried out to know the market where it intends to make inroads.  The time and money set aside for that purpose, should be in proportion to the magnitude.  The better you know the market behavior will be more shielded against problems and failures as well as preventing and dealing with any contingency.

The economic investment
Each type of business determines the amount to invest, however it is common to fall into the mistake of starting business with the wrong budget, either more or less.  The concepts are to invest, the building and machinery, raw materials, salaries, marketing and advertising, just to mention the most used.  Remember always be more important than a good idea for a big budget, good business ideas actually reduce the amount to invest and increase the chances of success.

In times of recession, many employers neglect the business plan motivated by desperation prints their economic problems and end commercial digging its own grave.  All the time you invest in a business plan, will save time and money, and secure better results.

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5 Common Misconceptions about Marketing

Misconceptions of Marketing5 Common Misconceptions about Marketing – Everybody seems to know Marketing. The world is full of Marketing gurus. We all talk about with a remarkable ease and confidence, though most of the times we are not Marketing professionals and not even close. What are the most frequent mistakes in understanding Marketing practices and theories?

  • Defining MarketingThere is clearly a general tendency in employing the notion of Marketing within a confusing mix of Public Relations, Advertising, or Media Planning. Regardless of the degree in evolution and growing of Marketing, many of us still cannot understand what Marketing really is and only see the its extreme manifestations. Many believe Marketing is a useless, fancy field, eating up budgets and giving little in return. Others see Marketing as an artistic field, where all you need is creativity to develop a memorable ad.
  • Marketing is still confused with CommunicationThis common mistake is, again, the result of sufficient understanding of Marketing. Marketing professionals are often thought to be responsible for creating advertisements, logos, slogans. What people usually see is the mere top of the iceberg, forgetting that there is a product, a price and a distribution strategy to be developed before even thinking of advertising.
  • Under- or overestimating the role of the marketerOn one hand, the marketer is often seen as a must-have within a company, but (s)he has an indefinite role and ends up doing a little of everything (Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Customer Care, Account Management etc.) On the other hand we might be faced with the other extreme, where the marketer is an omniscient, all-powerful creature eclipsing everyone else.
  • SegmentationIn spite of the abundance in resources and consulting services aimed at researching the consumers base, segmentation is still done intuitively at least at small-business level. Large companies might have whole departments assigned to work on segmentation research and strategy, and still not be fully failure-proof.
  • Marketing for the sake of itThis is an attitude I have met in too many occasions not to mention it. People (and again, small-business owners are the usual culprits) do marketing because everyone else does it, because they heard they should do it, because it is a fashionable thing to do.

Surely, the list above is not exhaustive, and it only points at several attitudes leading nowhere on the Marketing battlefield. Marketing is surely not an art, thought it does employ a certain flaire and creativity. Marketing is not a science either, but it operates with precise instruments. Marketing is not for everyone and not to be performed regardless of the conjuncture around the business.We should keep in mind that Marketing operations have a clear objective: increasing the profitability of a business. To bring money, to be more clear. Marketing is therefore just as important as everything else in the company: if a product has functional faults we would blame the production department, but when a product does not sell for reasons beyond production it is usually the Marketing department to take the blame.

Best Web Hosting Review

Web HostingShould you be looking for a perfect web hosting service provider in order to host your site, associated with the actual genuine as well as dependable Web hosting reviews can be an excellent stage to consider? Simply the main disadvantage which confronts a lot of people is the fact that there’s the actual wealth of Web hosting reviews out there on the World Vast World which merely confuses the users. But being conscious is the main stage to hire the companies of a single of the greatest web hosting reviews. Nonetheless, not every web hosting reviews available tend to be proper as well as correct. You will find actually compensated simply by these kinds of offers to market their particular providers.

Typically, on the world regarding web hosting, the web offers make an effort to utilize lots of factors as well as strategies to help magnetize the purchasers. All their characteristics as well as options are almost linked to and the second offers the fact that people find their selves in a very question in respect of guidelines on how to get a reputable online host company. There could possibly be definitely not any reassurance that though in search of the outcome including most feasible service provider as well as cheap web hosting on the world comprehensive online offers these people the appropriate facts. That is definitely generally mainly because which standing web hosting reviews web-sites is often on the conclusion regarding corporations which fork out substantial revenue into the associates.

Even though one could purchase a large host regarding information into the web hosting companies as well as features on the company websites of the web offers, they may clearly present the purchasers their particular optimistic aspects. Their entire major as well as foremost objective is to seize the attention regarding purchasers and for this; they will not certainly spotlight any detrimental points of drawbacks of their providers. But the very best half for the customers is the fact that there are various people who use these kinds of web sites as well as write sincere as well as dependable hosting review to make the others find out about their particular actual experiences with a chosen hosting company. As well as, the corporate additionally provides lots of information on cheap online data storage.

Therefore this type of kind of web hosting review might be discovered at the private websites, boards, weblog and in addition on the site are made especially for the people to post genuine web hosting review.

This is surely a crucial a part of the users to see which who is writing it hosting review also. It truly is generally because of the actual writing might be a little part because of the net host could have compensated them to publish a pleasing review. One particular should check how a whole lot the person writing the web site review regarding website making as well as hosting providers. Visit here to know the top UK web hosting.

Definitely anybody may set a review understands according to their particular encounter nevertheless these kinds of experiences will certainly vary according to the actual needed through the cheap web hosting review. Typically a person that is making use of the actual premade themes to create a private website might have various encounter the fact that one that is really a professional web site developer as well as understands the advantage as well as lack of website development.

5 Investing Myths May Stop You From Retiring On Time

Investing MythInvestors are battered daily with an avalanche of financial information. Much of it is wrong. The securities industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually sponsoring all forms of financial media, a great portion of which is little more than an infomercial for its services.

The consequence of so much sponsored media content masking as financial journalism is quite predictable. Investors accept many myths propagated by the securities industry, and have harmed themselves significantly as a result.

The full truth is even more insidious. The securities industry has figured out how to subconsciously trigger knee-jerk responses that encourage bad investor behavior. It does so largely by instilling fear and anxiety, and playing on the appeal of greed.

Here are the most common investing myths that, if believed and acted upon, may prevent you from saving enough to retire.

1. You are in control. Technically, you are the one who makes the ultimate decision about how to invest. But you may not be aware that the securities industry, through powerful advertising methods, may be sending you a message that causes you to subconsciously act in a way that is not in your best interest.

Brain images taken of investors as they watch a stock that is rapidly increasing in value are remarkably similar to scans showing the brain activity of people addicted to drugs or alcohol. According to CNN Money writer Jason Zweig, it’s this dopamine rush that causes us to “play lotto, invest in IPOs, keep too much money in too few stocks and invest with active portfolio managers instead of index funds.”

The next time you read about a hedge fund with a huge return, try to picture what that information is doing to your brain.

2. Positive personal traits are indicative of investing skill. The name “Bernie Madoff” is all you need to hear to understand the subtle “halo effect” that plagues investors. We have a tendency to form an overall opinion about a person or circumstance based on our perception in one area. Madoff had an appealing personality and an aura of respectability. Investors assumed that investing with him was a safe and prudent decision, notwithstanding numerous red flags.

Don’t be deceived. Just because your broker or advisor is good-looking and glib doesn’t mean the advice you’re receiving is in your best interest.

3. “Investment pros” are skilled in “beating the market.” Of all the myths, this one is the most pervasive and widespread. One peer-reviewed study, “False Discoveries in Mutual Fund Performance: Measuring Luck in Estimated Alphas,” looked at the 32-year record of 2,076 stock mutual funds. The authors used sophisticated statistical testing to differentiate results attributable to luck from those based on skill.

The number of fund managers who beat their benchmark over time was “statistically indistinguishable from zero.” The few that did were simply lucky. Wall Street is extremely proficient in one area: confusing luck with skill.

4. Investment clubs are a source of sound investment advice. Investment clubs serve a useful function, like providing a place for networking and socializing. However, the very nature of the group’s activities (stock picking, market timing, trying to select the next “hot” fund manager) will likely result in lower returns.

An exhaustive study, “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Profits: Investment Club Performance,” by Brad Barber and Terrance Odean, showed that 60 percent of investment clubs underperform the market. The average club underperformed a broad market index by 3 percent per year.

5. Alternative investments are good choices. Many investors believe hedge funds and private equity funds are good investments, and bemoan the fact they don’t meet the minimum qualifications necessary to invest in them. The hype surrounding these investments is not supported by the data.

For the past decade, the index used to measure the performance of the hedge fund industry underperformed indexes in each major stock asset class and even three Treasury bond indexes. It accomplished this remarkable feat by charging obscene fees, typically 2 percent of assets under management plus 20 percent of profits.

Larry Swedroe analyzed the performance of private equity funds. He concluded that investors would be better off in a passively managed small-cap fund that is far more diversified.

All of these disseminated myths share a common goal. They are calculated to get you to take action based on short-term information. In addition to creating fear and anxiety, the securities industry has another way to get you to trade. They tempt you with new products that promise increased return without additional risk.

Jessica Alba’s Startup Raises $70 Million At A Nearly $1 Billion Valuation

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba and Brian Lee’s startup The Honest Co. is making some moves in preparation for an initial public offering.

The Santa Monica, California startup, which sells natural and eco-friendly baby products, just raised $70 million, according to The Wall Street Journal, and they are valued at almost $1 billion.

The Series C round of funding comes from several VC investors including Wellington Management Company, Institutional Venture Partners, Iconiq Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and General Catalyst Partners along with some anonymous public financial institutions.

Prior to this round, The Honest Co. had secured $52 million in funding. The company currently employs 275 people.

Not only that, but the company is expecting to make $150 million in revenue this year, three times the revenue it brought in last year. According to one of The Honest Co.’s early investors Jeremy Liew, about 80% of that revenue comes from customers who receive a monthly delivery of diapers and other products.

Since founding The Honest Co. in 2011, Alba has been able to leverage her celebrity to throw the company in the limelight, garnering attention for her environmental and social goals. Like Toms and Warby Parker, The Honest Co. donates some of its products and revenue, meriting a B Corp certification from nonprofit group B Lab.

“I wanted clean, safe, effective products that were affordable and beautifully designed and I couldn’t find that in the marketplace,” Alba said on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” “There wasn’t really a family brand that spoke to me as a young mom.”

The Honest Co. is also looking to expand to other countries like China, England, and Australia. As of now, The Honest Co. just ships to the U.S. and Canada.

All of these moves are aimed at prepping the startup for an upcoming IPO, which has yet to be scheduled.

“We believe being a public company is the best path for us going forward and it’s good to get that validation early on,” Lee told the Wall Street Journal. “I can’t say when that will be, but we are definitely starting to think and act like a public company.”

Buffett backs Burger King deal with $3 billion

Warren BuffettWarren Buffett has been a vocal supporter of higher tax rates for the wealthy but when push comes to shove the Oracle is all about the bottom line. As you know yesterday Burger King (BKW) shares soared when word leaked of a potential tax inversion – inspired bid for Canadian donut shop Tim Horton’s (THI). Now it’s being reported that the deal will be funded in part by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B).

The Wall Street Journal says Berkshire will put $3 billion into the $10 billion bid for Tim Horton, likely in the form of a purchase of preferred shares.

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So what’s in this for Warren? Billions. This isn’t about taxes, but endorsements and relationships. Burger King’s majority owner is 3G, a Brazilian PE firm led by 74 year old billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann. Last year 3G and Berkshire partnered to buy Heinz. Berkshire laid out $8 billion for preferred shares that will pay back $1 billion a year and another $4.25 billion for Heinz common stock. There aren’t any terms being leaked on this BK deal yet but Buffett has never been shy about demanding a premium. Expect Berkshire to get at least 10% on the $2.5 billion investment.

Still this is small potatoes for Berkshire which is sitting on more than $55 billion in cash at last count. The real reason Buffett has to be involved is to protect Berkshire’s 9.1% ownership interest in Coke (KO). Burger King is married to Heinz but its drink business is up for grabs. 3G has already pushed for a switch to Pepsi (PEP) in Latin American markets. With earnings flat since 2011 Coke can little afford to lose soda market share, let alone miss growth opportunities for Coke’s non-carbonated products. Right now BK sells Nestle’s bottled water. While a switch to Coke’s Dasani probably won’t be explicitly part of this financing package let’s just say Berkshire’s involvement doesn’t hurt.

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As a kid Warren Buffett bought six packs of Coke for a quarter then sold them to his friends for a nickel apiece. He now owns 9% of Coke, half of Heinz and seemingly all of the U.S. financial system. Buffett is the American Dream. He’s a modern day Ben Franklin and he’s not going to give up billions just because the President calls him names. Does that make Buffett a craven sell-out or does it validate U.S. corporate tax avoidance? Maybe a little bit of both. Ultimately it’ll be consumers and voters who decide. As it stands, Buffett is much more popular than Congress or the President.

InstaMarkets Encourages Rally Champions

Insta MarketsCarrying on the tradition of sports cooperation, InstaMarkets provides the regular participant of the Dakar Rally and other Dakar competitions – the Loprais team – with its permanent support.
The Loprais team is based on the winner of numerous races – the Czech auto concern Tatra, a.s. The team’s leader is Ales Loprais, who has repeatedly taken part in the Dakar Rally and other competitions. The irreplaceable companions of the new team have been the Czech trucks Tatra for several seasons. The trucks are modified in accordance with requirements of top class competitions.

Sports experience, championship ambitions, and sponsorship of InstaMarkets assisted the new team to achieve success. Participating in the Silk Way 2011, Loprais left such serious rivals as Kamaz Master, IVECO, and MAN far behind, and won the championship title.

In the Dakar 2012, the team was among major favorites and showed an amazing will to victory and high professionalism. However, a serious crash accident when Loprais was two stages ahead of the finish snookered it to hold the leading position. Ales Loprais’ Tatra flew off the road and flipped over, and two racers were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

Due to the accident and vehicle breakdown, it was unclear would the Loprais team take part in the Silk Way 2012? But thanks to the drivers’ willpower and InstaMarkets support, Ales Loprais’ team recovered and prepared a MAN truck to the competition in time. After four stages, Loprais was first. After a serious crash and a loss of time, the racers showed their grit and finished fourth.
Ales Loprais fought for the championship title against his rivals at the Dakar Rally 2013.

Unfortunately, problems with new modified trucks Tatra dispelled hopes for victory. Despite this unpleasant fact, team’s leader Ales Loprais was recognized as the best driver of the competition by experts and journalists.

Admiring professionalism and striving for victory of the Loprais team, InstaMarkets provides its assistance to the sportsmen and takes an active role in preparation to the competition. For three years, the sponsorship and supporting information along with sports experience and professional skills of the Loprais drivers helped the team achieve significant results in prestigious rallies and win a championship title. InstaMarkets proudly contributes to the racers’ achievements and believes in future victories!

9 Impulse Purchases You Instantly Regret

Impulse PurchasesA new survey conducted by Bankrate.com reported that a quarter of Americans had no savings to weather financial hard times. It didn’t matter if the respondents were relatively higher earners: Folks are spending pretty much what they make. Impulse purchases are definitely a culprit here, along with the refusal to make saving a priority.

The world of retail is exceptionally good at keeping the Rainy Day Fund drier than the Mojave Desert on the Fourth of July, as retailers bank on you parking your money in things that depreciate in value rather than in an account that earns compound interest. Some retailers have adapted to the new challenges of emptying consumers’ pockets by allowing shoppers to order online, then pick up the items in the store where the snares of impulse purchases are set with mercenary skill.

The age-old secret to curbing impulse buys — using cash — might help; and, sure, you can start a slush fund for special purchases. But if you are susceptible to impulse buying, there may just come a day when you succumb to the thrills of buying something you don’t need without knowing why you did it. And if you charge it to a credit card, and that purchase pushes your balance past 10% of your line of available credit, you could hurt your credit score. Why? Your amount of debt accounts for a whopping 30% of your credit score – and charging more than 10% of your available credit can do some damage.

If you hope to avoid the perils of using too much credit by using a debit card, fine. Just keep in mind that a data breach at your favorite e-tailer – or retailer — could lead to your bank account getting drained by the bad guys.

If Yogi Berra were still with us, he might say that the secret to stopping impulse purchases is to stop buying things on impulse. Here are some places to start.

1. Groceries You Don’t Need (or Really Even Want)

Supermarkets and smaller purveyors of foodstuffs are designed to get you in and out in two ways: One is the outer ring where you will find produce, dairy, meats and fish, and frozen foods — and with the exception of the latter, if you stay to that outer ring, you will not see a lot of the things you don’t need to buy. Start spelunking those dastardly aisles on the inner-ring that is the realm of expensive processed foods, however, and the retail-twitchy among us are doomed. Unless you really do need Lucky Charms and Flowers of Hawaii-scented tea…. (You do not.)

2. The Beer Bottle Cap Hat

This is a catch-all for the ridiculously silly or useless things that we occasionally buy while we are out and about, especially with acquisitive children who think cute or novel items are the fruit that grows on the proverbial money tree.

3. Certain Types of Clothing (You Know What I’m Talking About)

Whether you are shopping online or in a store that sells clothing, you should be on high alert. How many pairs of whatever just hit you with the Stun Gun of Extreme Want do you really need? Take a deep breath, and walk away from the re-issued 1950s jeans. Are they really worth $300? Shoes are also a good example of this. Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” This may be true, but if you are crippled by debt, expensive shoes are not so much a good buy, as a good-bye to fiscal well-being.

4. Supersizing Everything

How much extra does it cost to supersize something? Let’s say you do that four times a week: maybe it’s $1 today, but if you do that once a week it’s a full $52 a year you could be saving, not to mention the extra trip (or two) to the gym.

5. Gaming

The gaming industry increasingly allows gamers to download new video games for free, but you’re going to pay dearly if you want to get cool stuff that makes the game actually fun to play.

6. Apps

Not much to say here that you don’t already know: It adds up. This financial death by a thousand cuts will not only leave you an angry bird, but the pigs will happily grunt all the way to the bank. Save the money, and the time you spent on being “less productive” (i.e., completely useless).

7. Theme Parks & Midway Games of Chance

While there’s a vague sense of accomplishment to have guided a claw to the perfect spot for it to drop and seize the fluffy blue bunny for the love of your life, it’s also really a lot more expensive than simply buying one. The theme park rides aren’t anywhere near the scariest part of the trip. It’s $100 per person for starters, then there’s parking, food and anything and everything else you buy at the theme park. Camping, anyone?

8. Lottery Tickets

You stand a better chance of being picked by Adam, Shakira, Usher or Blake to be on The Voice than winning these things. ‘Nuff said.

9. Latte & Lunch

Consider brown-bagging it and drinking the coffee at work — or bring a Thermos with you! The average American spends more than $3,000 a year on lunch and coffee, according to a recent study.

While saving money might be less fun in the short run, it gets easier and more rewarding once you decide to do it and see the fruits of your self-control as your bank balances start to lift. Furthermore, if your love of impulse buying is leading you to spend more than you earn, the interest you pay from carrying debt will eat away at your future efforts to save. If you’re maxing out your credit cards, too, your credit scores will feel the pain, which will lead to higher interest rates – and probably less savings – for you in the long run. (You can see how your debt is affecting your credit for free at Credit.com, which gives you two credit scores, along with a breakdown of what’s affecting them.)

If you are rigorous, you can have a six-month cushion in the bank in no time — but you have to take the first step, which in many cases is a non-step. Leave the items on the shelf (virtual or otherwise) and keep your wallet in your pocket.

Buy and Hold Forever Stocks for Young Investors

Young InvestorShould you be below 30, you have a huge advantage over young investors that are 10, 20, or 30 years older. This one advantage can enable a young investor to either contribute less or end up with a secure retirement, or contribute more and end up with luxurious golden years.

This advantage is ridiculously easy. This does not need any additional work on your part, nor does it need any special knowledge. It’s something a young investor gets by default, simply because they’re young.

Yes, I’m speaking about substance attention.

We need to take a look at two imaginary investors. 1 put in $10,50, 000 annually starting up at age twenty-five, and halted following time 30. The next started out investment at age thirty five, adding to $10,50, 000 annually for the next 30 years. Each and every attained a 9% returning. Which would certainly end up with more income?

Want the young investors achieve retirement; they’d possess pretty similar nest eggs. The first investor would have $1. 33 million tucked away, while the young investor would be sitting upon $1. 49 million. It’s close, but the second investor would have the higher net worth.

However , the first investor just led fifty dollars, 000 and used miracle associated with substance attention to turn this in to $1. 33 million. It was a little while until the 2nd investor three hundred, 000 really worth associated with benefits to achieve mainly the same. Which usually placement could you instead maintain?

As soon as young investors obtain substance attention on the part, much more investing in retirement much simpler. The only real some other point they have to be worried about is selecting excellent stocks and shares, businesses they are able to stick aside within their retirement accounts and hold forever, letting substance attention do its point.

One great stock for young investors is Toronto Dominion Bank (TSX: TD)(NYSE: TD), Canada’s second-largest financial institution following Royal Bank.

TD Bank has terrific Canadian retail operations, leading the way with innovations such as opening its branches on the weekend. Its TD Waterhouse capital management business is strong, and the company} continues to grow its share in the mortgage loan industry, without spending a ton level revenue.

Nevertheless the best benefits of buying TD Bank is its bank operations in the us, just where it offers a lot more than $200 billion below deposit and $120 billion really worth associated with outstanding financial loans. This overall performance is even more amazing considering which its U. S. operations tend to be limited to the eastern coastline.

Thinking about how fragmented the U. S. bank strategy is, TD has lots of opportunities to expand its footprint down south. There’s potential within everything from retail to investment bank, using revenue through its rewarding Canadian operations to finance purchases to both the edges from the boundary.

Another keeping for young investors is Suncor Power (TSX: SU)(NYSE: SU), the biggest maker within Alberta’s essential oil sands, that removed a lot more than four hundred, 000 barrels associated with bitumen each day in the latest 1 / 4.

Suncor features a huge amount associated with reserves. Based on current production, it offers 34 years’ really worth associated with essential oil just sitting subterranean, waiting to be removed. The company also has a refining capacity associated with 460, 000 barrels associated with essential oil each day, and owns a lot more than 1, 500 service stations coastline to coastline. It is a true energy powerhouse.

Canada’s essential oil sands are going to be an important source of energy for decades to come. Both the United States and China tend to be hungry for essential oil, and the current situation within Iraq shows just how important stability is for all parties involved, from the maker all the way to the consumer. These trends make Suncor a great long-term hold.

Finally, Canada’s telecommunications giants are a terrific choice for young investors looking for solid businesses. They have huge competitive advantages, and are diversified in to every area associated with Canadian media.

After a sacrifice of underperformance, Rogers Communications (TSX: RCI.B)(NYSE: RCI) is by far the cheapest in the group, trading at a P/E ratio associated with nearly 50% less than BCE or Telus. Its shares tend to be somewhat depressed because of weak wireless results and improved investing over the last range public sale, and get exceeded through its competitors.

Consequently, this particular signifies a terrific entry point for long-term investors. Rogers has also rewarded shareholders with a dividend increase annually for the last decade, and currently produces four. 2%. This is actually the ideal stock to purchase right now and stick aside for a few years.

Another buy and hold forever stock

Constructing a portfolio is like building a house, chief analyst Iain Butler says. You want to build this on a foundation of “rock solid, proven, long-term money makers. ” And do we have a winner for you… click here right now for our FREE report and discover 1 top Canadian stock for 2014 and beyond!

How to Improve Your Forex Trading Income


In case you are forex trading as well as faltering, nevertheless, you are generally not producing any cash money from forex trading; you should attempt your very best to master experience faltering. Or else the kind who is able to manage the actual dissatisfaction associated with taking a loss, you ought not buy and sell forex trading. People that buy and sell without approaches are simply just wagering their money apart since they are merely tossing their money within blindly. Here are a few from the stuff that you need to find out if you would like to restore your own forex currency trading profession.

Are you currently knowledgeable within like a currency trader? To make certain that you’re not wagering while buying and selling forex trading, a few you are effectively knowledgeable within buying and selling. Forex trading is actually a energetic market so you should ensure that you discover reasonably priced information regarding that if you have moment. You can learn coming from blogs associated with successful dealers as well as sign-up for newsletters as well as workshops. When you don’t have registered to some agent however you need to discover it which has a totally free forex trading training course such as IC Marketplaces.

If you a new forex trader, you need to find out fundamental conditions utilized in forex currency trading and you ought to understand how to assess chart. When you don’t have learned these items however, you should attempt to get perseverance along with model offers within forex trading process computer software.

Are you currently confident with your own approaches? The next task is to repeat a properly founded buying and selling method in order to construct your individual. You must check out different sort of approaches common simply by dealers as well as assess the actual approaches should they can be utilized that you really need circumstance.

Many individuals get into buying and selling without taking into consideration the method that they can utilize and they also find yourself shedding their money. You must assess your overall method if you already have one main. When moment handed down and you don’t have made anything however, you need to find out experience faltering. You must learn to be patient along with your method due to the fact many of them earn money gradually.

You will find usually brand new approaches within forex trading and you ought to purchase brand new types even though you however they may be merely variations associated with old approaches. Have a very buying and selling routine having any buying and selling schedule is essential. You need to know how to proceed 24 hours a day. This will likely additionally reduce which risks and benefits of having so used along with your buying and selling. Previous ideas ought to be utilized to make smarter choices later on so you should take down your own buying and selling thoughts.

Profitable Business Ideas for Writers

WritersProfitable business ideas for writers – Writing are certainly not for everybody but if you are really a passionate and also experienced author after that you can find fantastic businesses ideas you can begin in this specific extremely profitable field. A writing business not just provides much better spend but additionally the flexibleness to work from home or anyplace you want to.

All you need is your razor-sharp wits, the laptop, the word-processor, and also Internet connection (optional) to perform your research. Here are a few methods to earn money from writing: Business Presentation Services. If you have experience working in the corporate world, you will realize that a lot of people loathe making business presentations.

So why not do it for them and also profit from this specific desperate market? To achieve success in this venture, you have to possess strong computer skills, critical thinking, creative imagination, and also fundamental understanding of business display.

The blog Presentation is a great supply of information. A lot more than showcasing the reality, a highly effective business presentation features a strong overall look and also rational accordance. The good thing is that the majority of small businesses owners as well as skilled experts aren’t skilled in this field which makes it an extremely profitable chance.

Copywriting Services. All fantastic advertising slogans, TV or radio stations advertisements, brochures, web content, and other ads depend on great copy writing skills. Have got the capacity to rewrite terms or maneuver individuals through weaving terms you ought to take this venture seriously. Small business owners usually delegate copy writing to 3rd celebration companies for this get skills and also significant amount of your time to create an excellent duplicate. Set up copywriters cost about $50 or more per hour.

Editing and Rewriting Services. Generally there seems to be a false impression that editing is actually solely intended for book writers and also publishers only. On the other hand, these types of groups represent a tiny fraction of a business ideas for writers. The market intended for modifying solutions has dramatically exploded thanks to the rise of the Internet.

Now, online publishers, e-commerce sites, niches sites, advertising firms and also marketing agencies spend experienced editors to make sure that every word is actually spelled properly and every sentence is actually grammatically correct. As you are already on this small business, offering article rewriting solutions is an excellent add-on to your revenue. Major search engines like Google discourage duplicate content and they penalize Websites doing this. These rules have prompted online publishers to retain rewriters as part of their SEO strategies.

Be a How-to Writer. Every person is definitely an expert on one thing and many of us wish to talk about our skills intended for profit. Why not use your writing skills to help these guys create their own book or an e-book of their experience within a particular subject? For instance, I have a friend who’s an expert on home improvement but has zero skills about writing and also online marketing.

All of us chose to work together on the task wherever he can clarify everything this individual is aware of house maintenance repairs and maintenance. Discuss would be to try to come up with an extremely educational and also fun-to-read e-book that we can sell intended for $15 each. Profits will be split equally or depending on your agreement.

If you look at online classified ads you will discover that there are so many “experts” out there who want to hire or team up with a author to create something similar to those books intended for dummies series. Press Release Writing and also Submission Services. Do you know that there are more than 500, 000 businesses launched every year in the U. S. alone? This is a fantastic business opportunity to help other small businesses owners and create cash simultaneously.

Writing press release is known as probably the most efficient offline and online marketing techniques these days. Likely too usually talk about the carrier’s recognized release, new releases released, essential notices or milestones arrived at. It is extremely similar in order to content creation but has a much more official strengthen and also syntax. You might too consist of press release distribution as a possible add-on service – Profitable Business Ideas for Writers.